YG Male Group, WINNER: 강승윤. 송민호. 이승훈. 김진우.


Late Night Restaurant (also called ‘Midnight Diner’)


Member: Nam Taehyun as Minwoo
Synopsis: In a small restaurant, which is only open after midnight, a chef known as ‘Master’ doesn’t offer any menus, but is willing to whip up any dish his patrons desire. Every night, the mysterious Master dedicates himself to comforting the woes of his customers, including a gangster, a down-and-out actor, office ladies, a paper boy, and a night worker. Despite the restaurant’s unconventional hours and rules, these denizens of the night still keep coming back for more

Masterlists: 01, 02, 03, 04


Magic Cellphone


Member: Kim Jinwoo as Woo Taechi
Synopsis: The drama revolves around the romance between an ordinary guy and a girl group member.

Masterlist: 01


Midnight’s Girl (also called ‘Girl of 0AM’)


Member: Nam Taehyun as Gong Jidan
Synopsis: A young man aspires to become a successful singer, but how does he get there? Gong Jidan  is a charismatic young man who wants to become a singing superstar. He starts his own karaoke business and uses it to help hone his singing skills. Sera, a mysterious part-time employee, tries to do all she can to help Jidan achieve his dream. Will Jidan be able to find the success he seeks?

Masterlists: 01, 02, 03


Under the Black Moonlight


Member: Nam Taehyun as Kang Woo
Synopsis: Follows the story of a group of students from an art school that take a trip to a mountain cabin, as well as the events that surround the owner of that cabin

Masterlist: 01 


We Broke Up


Member: Kang Seungyoon as Ji Wonyoung
Synopsis: What if you had to see your ex every single day? Noh Woori and Ji Wonyoung are former college sweethearts who broke up. Although their relationship has ended, their living arrangement has not. While Woori struggles to find a job and Wonyoung works part-time as the vocalist for an indie band, the former couple is forced to live under the same roof together.

Masterlists: 01, 02, 03


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