– What is Weibo?

Weibo is a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter.

How to Create and Register an Account in Weibo + Follow WINNER’s Official Accounts!

1.) Go to http://weibo.com/signup/signup.php, fill in the form and click on ‘Sign Up Now‘. There’s an option to register via mobile phone and feel free to try that but this tutorial is through email.


 2.) A pop-up will appear to verify your account via a mobile phone number based on the available countries. This is the only way I know to verify an account; I have not found a way to bypass this therefore if your country is not in the list, you may need to find someone with a phone number from the following countries to get verified.


3.) Choose your ‘Location’ and it will automatically enter your country code. Enter your mobile phone number and click on ‘Get-A-Code for Free’. You will receive a text message with a code to enter in the code box. Click ‘Submit’.


4.) After submitting, you will enter your nickname, birthday, gender, and location.


5.) Make sure to have green checks on each section to ensure your information passed. Once you reach the ‘Location’, click on the down arrow to reveal the drop-down menu and choose a location. I simply chose ‘Others’ but you can choose whichever you want. After that, click ‘Enter interests and recommendations‘.


6.) In this page, you have to choose at least ONE interest in order to finish registering. Click ‘Enter‘ when you’re done.


7.) After registering, you will be lead to your account home page. But you’re not done yet! You need to verify your account via email or you will not be able to follow user accounts.


8.) Check the email you used to register for the verification link and click it. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! If you skip this step, weibo will keep asking you to verify your account via SMS when you’re trying to follow a user account.


9.) Now to follow WINNER, simply go to their page and click on ‘Follow‘. (The checkmark to add your follows into a group is optional; uncheck it if you want). Click ‘Save‘ and you’re done!

(WINNER Official Weibo Accounts:)

– WINNER → weibo.com/winnerasia
– Seungyoon → weibo.com/wnr00
– Taehyun → weibo.com/SOUTHCLUB
– Jinwoo → weibo.com/xxjjjwww
– Hoon → weibo.com/xiexietamong
– Mino → weibo.com/MINOVANSONG


To keep the questions to a minimum, here is a quick tutorial how to upload a profile picture too.

How to Upload a Profile Picture on Weibo

1.) Go to your homepage or click ‘Home’. Then click on your avatar.


2.) Once on your profile page, click on your avatar once again and a pop-up will appear. Click the “+” button to upload your picture and click ‘Confirm‘.