– What is ‘The Collaboration’?

‘The Collaboration’ is essentially a variety show focused on creating a collaboration between Korean and Chinese artists. It is co-created by Peng Xun and SBS, and the premise of the show is to hold collaborations and discussions between the singers on how to improve their music. There are two teams: Team Korea and Team China. Each Korean member will pair up with a Chinese member and collaborate. There is no plotted elimination, and ranking of the collaborations are decided by viewers via an online poll. ‘The Collaboration’ will simultaneously air in China via Tencent video (8PM CST) and in Korea via SBS MTV (9PM KST).

Note: Below is a short introduction to members of Team Korea and Team China. It is meant to be a short and sweet introduction. If you need further information, please google them. Team Korea members has an extensive background available in english but Team China has substantially less so you may have difficulty researching them. If there are any inaccuracies, especially Team China, please leave a comment with the correct info.



Song Minho (송민호)

Song Minho, or commonly known as “Mino” is a singer, rapper, and producer of korean male group WINNER. He was born on March 30, 1993. In 2015, Mino partipated in rap competition “Show Me the Money 4” wherein he became the series’ runner-up. Mino proved his talent in rapping and popularity when his released songs from SMTM4, as well as song featurings that followed, ranked top in multiple music charts. In early 2016, Mino won Gaon Chart’s “Discovery of the Year (Hip Hop)” Award. Mino’s music style is primarily rap and hip hop.


Kang Seungyoon (강승윤)

Kang Seungyoon is singer, producer, and leader of Korean male group WINNER. He was born on January 21, 1994 and in 2010, participated in reality TV singing competition “Superstar K2” and finished in fourth place. Seungyoon is widely known for his rendition of “Instinctively” from the reality show which became one of the top 100 songs of the year in Korea. Prior to debuting, he released solo single “It Rains” in 2013 which also topped multiple music charts. Seungyoon won Gaon Chart’s “Rookie of the Year” award in 2010. Seungyoon’s music style is mainly rock but also pop.


Jay Park (제이팍)

Jay Park, or real name Park Jaebum, is a solo korean singer, dancer and producer. He was born on April 25, 1987 and is the founder and CEO of hip-hop label AOMG. Apart from making hit songs and executing exemplary performance, Jay is also well-received by both domestic and international fandom for his humor. He has successfuly held solo concerts in multiple countries and in 2015, won the Korean Music Awards’ “Male Musician of the Year Netizen Vote”. Jay’s music style is usually R&B and rap.


Zico (지코)

Zico, or real name Woo Jiho, is a korean rapper, producer, and leader of male group Block B. He was born on September 14, 1992. Zico is notable for his successful crossover skills in the Korean hiphop scene, maintaining an underground reputation along with a mainstream appeal as a Korean idol. He has featured and produced multiple songs that always topped multipe music charts including a featuring called “Pour Up” which earned the Korean Music Awards’ “Best R&B & Soul Song”. Zico’s music style is primarily rap and hip hop.



Yu Tian (于湉)

Yu Tian is a mainland Chinese male singer born on January 10, 1993. He studied at the Los Angeles’ College of Music and in 2013, participated in Chinese singing contest for male contestants “Super/Happy Boy” and was selected to be in the Final 10. Tian’s musical preference is pop, rock, and inspirational. In 2015, he was invited and won the “Most Popular Newcomer Award” in Enlight’s Music Festival.


Hu Xia (胡夏)

Hu Xian is a Chinese singer and actor born on March 1, 1990. He participated in the sixth season of Taiwan’s TV singing competition “One Million Star” and emerged as the winner in 2010. Hu gained the 17th Singapore Hit Awards’ “Best Newcomer Award” in 2011 and in the same year, won the 48th Golden Horse Award for his theme song “Those Years” from the movie ‘You are the Apple of my Eye’.


Wang Yuexin (王栎鑫)

Wang Yuexin is a mainland Chinese pop music male singer and actor born on January 18, 1989. He participated in the 2007 Chinese singing contest for male contestants “Happy Boys” and won seventh place. He has acted in several films and TV series including “Meteor Shower”, the Mandarin adaptation of popular manga ‘Hana Yori Dango’. His music style seems to be hip-hop.


Xue Zhiqian (薛之谦)

Xue Zhiqian or also known as “Jacky” is a mainland Chinese singer and producer. He participated in the singing competition “My Show” in which he became to be one of four remaining contestant. In 2006, Xue released his first album which boasted 200,000 sold copies and became the number one most sold in its marked for a period. He has produced multiple albums since then and won him multiple awards. His music style seems to be mostly pop music.


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