Hello, this is YG Entertainment. This is the information about the WINNER EXIT : E release on February 1.

Mini Album “E” is part of the year-round project of “EXIT MOVEMENT“.

E” contains five tracks, including title songs “BABY BABY” and “Sentimental“. All tracks are written and composed by members which will display their growth after their debut album.

This WINNER – EXIT: E will be released in 2 versions: intense feeling from the alley of London, SHOREDITCH VER., and comfortable and warm feeling ALEXANDARA PALACE VER.

Total of 3 MVs (Nam Taehyun’s solo track “I’m Young” along with two title tracks) will be released for “WINNER EXIT: E”!


> Release date: February 2, 2016 (Tuesday)
> Digital Release Date: February 1, 2016 (Monday)

> Components (S / A VER. Total 2 versions – SHOREDITCH Version, Alexandra Palace Version)

1. CD
2. Photo Book (68P)
3. Badge
4. Film (Random / 1)
5. Polaroid (Random / 2)
6. Poster
*S and A version have different images for Photobook, Badge, Film, Polaroid (Except for Poster)
* Poster distributed 1:1
*There may be some changes during processing

> WINNER EXIT: E Track list


Organ, string, electronic guitar, and many other instruments form harmony. This six-eight time blues pop songs gives glamorous yet acoustic feeling. This song is addictive and simple. The truthful lyrics stand out, as it contains the theme of loneliness which anyone could have experienced. Nam Taehyun personally participated in producing and arranging the song and raised its quality.

02. Sentimental

This song is a lyrical minor pop song that projects WINNER’s gentle voices. nam Taehyun produced the song, expressing the sentimental feelings with witty lyrics.

03. Immature

Cheerful rhythm, rock feeling guitar with unique synth sound fill the song along with rhythmical raps on addictive melodies

04. I’m Young

The plaintive ballad with lyrical electronic piano sound and soft voices forms harmony. Nam Taehyun produced the song and expressed his true feeling towards love as if he is writing a diary.

05. Pricked

“Pricked” is an entry single that started off WINNER’s 2016 Project “EXIT MOVEMENT”. It is a medium-tempo ballad song that consists of sweet and lyrical guitar riff with Song Minho & Nam Taehyun’s unique and doleful emotions.

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Source: ygfamily site
Translations by: YG_WINNER