Psy: Oh? Come here and say hi
Psy: Hey, actually, there are so many people asking about you guys
Psy: Come here for a minute, it’s ok, come in here
Psy: Alright, just as I was talking, Song Mino and Kang Seungyoon came to say hi
Psy: Both of you, please sit here for a moment
Seungyoon,Mino: Please sit
Psy: No, you two sit down
Mino: Us?
Psy: Yes
Psy: Please sit and yes, half, yes
Psy: Alright, please briefly tell us on how you are spending your time these days
Psy: Kang Seungyoon can start us off, please share
Seungyoon: We are coming here everyday and recording for our next album
Seungyoon: We finished recording one song today and we were going to go home
Seungyoon: But we wanted to say goodbye to you before we left
Mino: Actually, we were watching this broadcast downstairs
Mino: But we wanted to see the live broadcast in person so we came up
Seungyoon: We kept sending you hearts and…
Psy: Oh, really?
Seungyoon: Yes, to greet you
Psy: This hat doesn’t seem like a hat you would wear to go home
Seungyoon: My hair can’t be tamed usually so I wear hats often
Psy: Oh, is that so?
Psy: In the case of Song Mino, even though this is quite belated talk,
Psy: You appeared in “Show Me The Money” and received a lot of attention
Psy: Although you didn’t win in the final round, overall, what you experienced-
Psy: And your song, “Fear” became an extraordinary hit song
Psy: Please share what you thought of “Show Me The Money”
Mino: I think it was an experience that really helped me grow
Psy: What a very typical celebrity response
Seungyoon: I think he was taught well
Psy: Yes
Psy: Please tell us when everyone can listen to your new songs
Psy: And when everyone can see you
Psy: And please say your goodbyes as well
Seungyoon: We are recording and working every day
Psy: They are really working every single day
Seungyoon: So, we will probably, most likely be able to meet you before winter comes to an end
Seungyoon: We will do our very best to come out with an album
Seungyoon: Please also give lots of love to PSY’s 7th Album “It’s PSY”. Thank you
Psy: This has been Kang Seungyoon and Song Mino of WINNER. Thank you!
Seungyoon,Mino: Thank you!
Psy: Ok, see you
Seungyoon,Mino: Goodbye
Psy: Bye~ See you tomorrow
Mino: PSY!

Translations by: chrissy96_