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Q: This is your third time coming to Sapporo. What is your impression of Hokkaido?

Seungyoon: We came to Hokkaido as our final stop for our Japan tour. Our fans in Sapporo welcomed/greeted us passionately and warmly. Although Hokkaido is a cold place, but the people’s hearts are warm.
Taehyun: When the snow falls, the city looks very beautiful.
Jinwoo: Hokkaido’s number one charm is the crabs and beer! I love Japanese beer, as the foam is soft and the texture is fine.
Hoon: Although we didn’t manage to go this time, we went skiing here two years ago. Hokkaido’s snow is smooth and the real deal. The texture feels the best. I want to go (skiing) again.
Mino: I like onsen (hot springs). That time when we went skiing, it started snowing after we entered the outdoor/open-air hot spring bath. Watching the snow while in the hot springs is an unforgettable experience.
Seungyoon: The Rusutsu Resort we went to last year was really good. We were shooting off-scene/did off-scene shots at Rusutsu for our DVD & Blu-ray released in August. All 5 of us went to the hot springs while looking at the outdoor scenery, and it was really fun. It’s a pity that all the bathing scenes were cut (laughs). There are so many different good things about every season, Hokkaido is a wonderful place.

Q: Does everyone have experience working part-time jobs?

Seungyoon: All of us have experience. Taehyun and Seunghoon probably have the most experience.
Taehyun: Although I have helped out in various ways/done many things to help out since I was young, the first real part-time job I had was at a barbecue restaurant. It was tough washing metal (dishes/utensils), it was difficult to wash off the fats. I think I was able to continue with the job, because I was doing sports and it gave me strength. At that time, I was already aiming to be an artiste and going for auditions, so the purpose of my part-time job was to make money for clothes and transportation.
Seungyoon: I went to music school, and went pro in my second year after an audition. I worked part-time, in order to pay for tuition and instruments. The tuition costs/fees for art schools are high, and I wanted to help my parents a little. I worked at a billiards shop. Actually, I was also a billiards player at that time. There was also potential for me to go pro. I was really good at it (laughs). Other than wiping tables and cleaning, I also taught billiards. But it has always been my dream to be a singer, so billiards is just a part-time job and a hobby for me.
Hoon: The first job I did was to distribute flyers. In Korea, (distributing flyers) is how you get started in part-time jobs, and many people have experienced it at least once. It mainly involves putting flyers and pocket tissues in people’s mailboxes. While it looks easy, it’s tiring and your hands get numb in winter, and that was tough. Although I am shy by nature, this job requires you to talk to strangers, and I think it helped to change my personality in a good way. When I see cute girls, I give them 10 packs of pocket tissues (laughs).
Mino: Taehyun and I also distributed flyers before. Apartments in Korea don’t really have auto-lock (at the lobby/foyer), you can post flyers at the door of every household, or stick them on the door using magnets. It’s really tiring to run up and down the stairs. But speaking of part-time jobs, the legend is definitely Jinwoo/Jinwoo definitely has the best stories.
Jinwoo: Eh, me? (Laughs) I delivered chicken and pizza when I was in high school. Because I wanted to save money to get a motorcycle, I was happy to be able to ride a motorcycle while making deliveries. I was really happy when I finally bought the motorcycle I have always wanted, and it was important to me.
Hoon: Only that? That’s not all. There was a rumor about an ikemen (hot/good-looking guy) doing delivery, and many orders came from other areas outside of Jinwoo’s delivery area. Seems like he developed a great reputation for getting many orders from girls who wanted to see him.

Q: What did you learn from working part-time jobs?

Seungyoon: You come in contact with your family at home, people in school, and people you meet doing part-time jobs. Because everyone is different, it can give you a variety of experiences. By having a wide range of experiences, it has been helpful across various situations such as our performance both in terms of acting and on stage
Taehyun: From my experience receiving strict guidance from my store manager, I gained a spirit of independence/self-reliance, and learnt not to fear challenges.
Mino: I understood the importance of having a sense of responsibility.
Hoon, Jinwoo: Same for us.

Q: Please tell us more about working part-time in Korea.

Taehyun: It’s different for different schools, and there are high schools who forbid their students from working part-time jobs. Most students start working part-time after entering college. Most people start with distributing flyers. Being a barista is the most popular part-time job. You get to wear a fashionable uniform, and the pay is good. I’ve tried it myself too. Most people look for jobs through newspapers and the Internet.

Q: Please say something to your fans in Hokkaido!

Seungyoon: Hokkaido always gives us precious and good memories. I want to come again soon. I want to go skiing with our fans some day. Please continue to support us in future.

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Translations by: wildforyoon