Note: Dara is currently one of the co-hosts of music-variety show, SugarMan. The premise of the show is each age group lights up their color if they know the song. Dara was talking about Korean singer Izi’s “Emergency room:, which was a song from popular korean drama ‘Delightful girl Choon-Hyang’. WINNER was laughing at the scene below.



When I work out, especially when I use a running machine, I definitely listen to music or watch TV. When you run for a long time, about 50-60 minutes, it’s really tiring and boring.

But today, Ssabu-nim played SugarMan back for us. I felt so happy that the WINNER hoobaes, who were working out together with me, burst out laughing while watching SugarMan kekeke.

I don’t know if these kids usually laugh or not! When Izi appeared in the audience, they laughed kkyareureu like they were suffocating kekeke It seemed that it fit their gag code~

Cute kids~ >.< Noona always support you!!!


 Source: namtella510
Translation by: qinqin2qin