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Seungyoon: “Let’s aim to be cute idol~”
Hoon: “We should do this cutely like an idol ♥”
Mino: “Roger~ ♪”
Mino: “Seungyoon is really good at Japanese!”
Seungyoon: “C’mon, I’m shy…”
Hoon: “Thanks to Seungyoon, we can do Japan activities”

Hoon x Seungyoon x Mino Interview

Q. If you were to have a team name for the three of you?

Seungyoon: Combine all 3 of our names so SongKangLee?
Hoon: Then it wil be too boring
Seungyoon: Then human- (*magazine content cannot be seen)
Hoon: What’s that (Laughs) Please give us more time to think.
Mino: …I’m sure there wouldn’t be a conclusion so we’ll just go with SongKangLee.

Q. If the three of you were to create a unit, what concept do you wish to go with?

Hoon: The especially cute members among WINNER are gathere here so perhaps it may give off a feel of a popular idol group in Japan (He smiled like an idol)
Seungyoon: That’s good! (Laughs) The title song will have a cute feel. We’ll go with a double title and we’ll go with hiphop for the other song. How’s that everyone?
Hoon: I’ll decide after I see how Seungyoon does it.
Seungyoon, Hoon, Mino: (Laughs)

Q. If you were to compare each other to an animal?

Mino: Seungyoon would be a sloth.
Seungyoon: Mino would be a koala. Doesn’t his face look the same as a koala? Hoon would be a kangaroo. He looks like one (Laughs)
Hoon: Kangaroo! Ah, I think I look like one too…

Q. What do the three of you talk about normally?

Seungyoon: “You already ate?” or. We only talk about eating. All of us only talk about eating basically.
Mino: That’s right. We often say “What do you want to eat?”. If we’re hungry, we’ll order food. The food we order the most is bossam (boiled pork belly). All the members LOVE♥ bossam.
Hoon: Mino buys for us often. Hyu~ Awesome~
Mino: (He pretends to pay with a credit card like a man)

Q. Please tell us a little bit of each other’s secrets

Mino: I think they’ll only be thinking of my secrets that cannot be revealed (Laughs)
Hoon: (Pretends to be whispering into the journalist’s ear) Mino is~
Mino: Wait wait! Please get permission from me first then tell him.
Hoon: Mino forgets what he wants to say really fast. This incident happened when were rehearsing for a live talk. “Hyung, let’s match our talk later. You must wait. Because I will do it by today. Promise!” and he even did a pinky promise but Mino only appeared after we decided on which talk comment to use.
Mino: When did I do a pink promise!?
Seungyoon: He appeared an hour later than the promised timing.
Mino: It’s a misunderstanding! Nobody contacted me! While everyone wen to eat, I didn’t eat, and was waiting in the hotel room because of my diet! Later, nobody contacted me so I fell asleep. And all of a sudden, I got a call and they said, “What are you doing~ Come quick”!
Hoon: Alright, alright. Calm down (Laughs)
Mino: If I leave it like this, the fans will misunderstand. I have never pinky promised or broke a promise! Please write this down! Seunghoon hyun showers 5 times a day.
Hoon: 5 times a day?! Isn’t that impossible?
Seungyoon: Then 4 times?
Hoon: (Laughs) 2 times! The most is 2 times.
Mino: He doesn’t like perspriting. He’s clean, surprisingly. (Laughs)

Q. Good points about each other?

Hoon: Mino is handsome and he’s bold. He buys often for the members.
Mino: (Pretends to pay with a credit card like a man again) There are better points.
Hoon: Yes~ He has a good sense in language! During interviews, he talks entertainingly. His gestures are exaggerated too.
Seungyoon: He’s the team’s mood maker. He’s overflowing with energy and we get energy from it too.
Hoon: Seungyoon is very careful like a leader. When he blocks our congesitions, he’ll be too serious so there are times it gets boring.
Seungyoon: What do you mean by congestion (Laughs) And you just mentioned both the good and bad point (Laughs)
Hoon: But I am able to say this confidently. We’re able to be active in Japan because we have Seungyoon.
Mino: Because he’s really good at Japanese, he’ll clarify what we want to say and convey the message to our fans, he’s trustable, responsible, and the best leader.
Seungyoon: Somehow it feels odd. My body feels ticklish from receiving compliments (Laughs)


Taehyun: “Let’s pull a prank to sleeping Seungyoon…”
Seungyoon: “Please stop it~ (laughs)”


Seungyoon x Taehyun Interview

Q. What do you name this pairing?

Seungyoon: “Strong men” (‘KangNam’ from kanhannamja = strong man)
Taehyun: “Nakashima Mika” (Laughs)
Seungyoon: What!? Nakashima Mika!?
Taehyun: Because she’s very beautiful, and you like her too, don’t you? It’s a joke. We performed Nakashima Mika-san’s “Glamorous Sky” together in these concert tours. So Nakashima Mika (laughs). I know I didn’t think before saying it. (Laughs)

Q. What kind of topics do you two talk usually?

Seungyoon: We always talk about guitars because we both play guitar.
Taehyun: I began to study playing guitar for my role in a drama.
Seungyoon: I want to do a jam session of rock or bluese together in the near future.
Taehyun: That’s cool! I’ll practice more harder! Before we knew it, we always talk about music. For example, about future dreams as a musician.

Q. What kind of dreams do you have?

Seungyoon: In the distant future, if we work individually each, we can always gather as WINNER without disbanding. My dream is for us to become that kind of group. I want to make like g.o.d or SHINHWA, though they are much seniors. We talk those kind of things passionately.

Q. What do you want to do if only you two play together?

Seungyoon: Hm, do you mean ‘play’ about a musical thing or other?

Q. You can choose.

Seungyoon: I want to travel with him.
Taehyun: Me too! I want to go traveling around European countries together.

Q. Are there any good points or bad points to be changed about each other?

Taehyun: Seungyoon-kun’s good point is kindess to women (Laughs)
Seungyoon: Stop it! (Embarrased laugh)
Taehyun: And he’s cute like a dog. His bad point… I can’t think of anything.
Seungyoon: (Looks satisfied) Taehyun-kun is very cool. Like a cat. (Laughs) And he is handsome! He is an attractive in a good and bad way!!
Taehyun: What do you mean my attractiveness is a bad point? My charm is sinfu;.

Q. When do you think you matured or grew up each other?

Seungyoon: We are ready for a new album now, I thought his way of thinking got matured when he told about songs he composed. But I think he’s cute like a child yet when I saw he loves cute things or playing with toys.
Taehyun: This gap is my charm (Laughs). Seungyoon has grown-up very much since our debut. Not only his looks but also internally. So I’m very influenced by him. Especially I got many various inspiration from him about composing. Of course, I was influenced by all of the members not only Seungyoon-kun. I think members are reference of lifestyles or examples of how not to behave. I don’t say who is who (Laughs).

Q. Please tell fans your secrets secretly.

Seungyoon: About our private (lives)?
Taehyun: (After thinking for a while) Seungyoon-kun is so straightforward. He is totally same on stage or in prviate. So he doesn’t have any secrets.
Seungyoon: I can’t think of anything about him neither. Well, you must not tell secrets of others (Laughs)
Taehyun: Ah, Seungyoon-kun is a long sleeper. He can sleep forever if we leave him alone.
Seungyoon: I think this fact is already famous among fans (Laughs). I can sleep 24hrs all day long.
Taehyun: He can sleep for two whole days without compunction if we don’t wake him up (Laughs)
Seungyoon: I can’t sleep that much recently because we are busy! But that’s exactly why I can keep on sleeping forever if nobody wakes me up.
Taehyun: So he doesn’t notice at all if we do anything to him (grinning)
Seungyoon: Don’t do pranks on me!! (Laughs)

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Q. WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2015 comprising 17 performances spanning across 10 cities across the country has successfully ended amidst rave reviews. Please tell us your thoughts regarding the tour this time.

Hoon: It has been a wonderful 2 months of good memories and learning. (In Japanese) Japanese fans are passionate indeed!
Seungyoon: The concept of our tour this time is “Napoleon”. We wanted to show everyone our side as cool handsome men who possess power/real ability and are equipped with everything.
Taehyun: Because we only have a small number of songs still, I think there are people who would think this year’s tour would be very similar to last year’s. However, we have prepared a lot for the collaboration stages this time.
Hoon: Personally, I think Taehyun & Seungyoon’s collaboration stage is really good. They sang Begin’s “Koishikute” while playing the guitar!
Mino: Taehyun has been practicing the guitar since last year. You can fully see the result of his efforts. (Mino & Taehyun looking at each other) He looked really cool!
Taehyun: Thank you! (Pleased expression)

Q. What did the other members prepare for the tour this time?

Mino: Japanese! “Please don’t worry, I’m wearing (it).” (Strikes a pose suddenly after saying it)

Q. What is that?

Jinwoo: Eh? Isn’t this a popular/trending in Japan now?

Q. Ah! That’s Tonikaku Akarui’s Yasumura’s gag, isn’ it?

Seungyoon: (Looks toward the agency’s staff) Staff-san! What is this? It’s not funny/well-received at all! (laughs)
Hoon: Mino, Jinwoo, and I put all our power in our singing and performances, and also worked hard on our talk. (Laughs) We started making arrangements for our talk/ment immediately after arriving in Japan, and we thought of all the comments ourselfves. We asked our Japanese staff to teach us what are the popular gags in Japanese right now, and we were tiaght the gag, “Please do’t worry, I’m wearing (it).”
Mino: We were practicigt he poses in the middle of the night at the hotel, while saying “Can you see it? Can you not see it?” (Laughs)
Jinwoo: Our desire to make our fans laugh was so overly strong, we were laughing while saying “What exactly is our goal here/What exactly are we aiming for here?”

Q. So you even thought of all the talk/comments yourself! We are surprised by how good everyone’s Japanese is.

Jinwoo: (In Japanese) No no, not yet, not yet.

Q. Has your studying/learning of Japanese been going smoothly?

Hoon: We are working hard! We wrote our lyrics in Japanese for the sake of our live performances.
Jinwoo: (In Japanese) Lies!
Mino: (In Japanese) Liar!
Hoon: It’s true! Although we still have far to go in terms of learning Japanese… While singing cover songs during our live concerts, it felt like something was missing in the chorus, and I thought of adding some phrases into it. It is difficult to match the rhythm in Japanese.

Q. Who is taking the lead?

Hoon: Me!
Mino: (Suddenly bursts out singing in Japanese, “Our love is over~!”)
Seungyoon: Yes. Only that. (Laughs) The rest of the lyrics were written in English.
Hoon: But… but… but even son. Even if just a little, we wrote lyrics in Japanese!

Q. Whos’ the best in Japanese?

Taehyun: That’s definitely Seungyoon.
Seungyoon: (T/N couldn’t see the magazine content clearly)
Jinwoo: I think we all agree on this.
Seungyoon: I’ve been memorizing Kansai dialect recently. I like it because the pronunciation of words in Kansai dialect is really interesting. Maido~~~! (literally “every time”, typically used by store staff to greet/thank customers)
Taehyun: I would like to study the Kansai dialect more. Or rather, I would like to memorize Japanese using the Kansai dialect (Laughs)
Hoon: A while back, I memorized/rememberd the Japanese word “idiot/bonkura”. Or rather, I found out the original meaning of it. When I was a kid, my mom used to say to me, “You stomach is bonkura”. In Korea, there are some Japaese words that were left behind from history, which we are using incorrectly. My mom uses the word bonkura to describe things that are big and round. When the Japanese staff heard about this, they told me that is not the (original) meaning of the word. I was shocked.

Q. You guys stayed a long time in Japan this time around. During our last interview, you said you wanted to visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Did it happen?

All: (Shakes head vigorously)
Seungyoon: Although we were expected to get some free time after rehearsals ended smoothly, it took more time than we expected… But I’ve always wanted to go to Okinawa, so I was really happy that we managed to go to Okinawa for a concert during this tour.
Taehyun: I was happy we were able to go to Sapporo.

Q. So where would you like to go now?

Mino: Amusement park!
Hoon: Osaka’s Universal Share… (T/N: he mispronounced the word)
Seungyoon: Universal Share!?
Taehyun: You mean Universal Studios right? (Laughs)
Hoon: Although I wanted to go to Universal Studios, I couldn’t go because there was no time. Becase there are (comic/movie/cartoon) characters that we like, we want to go to amusement parks where there are characters, such as Tokyo Disneyland and the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Like Universal Studios!
Jinwoo: Ah! That place! What is it called? That place with many scary attractions!
Taehyun: Fuji-Q Highland?
Jinwoo: Yes, yes. (In Japanese) I want to go to Fuji-Q Highland (Laughs)
All: Me too! Me too!

Q. There are many scary attractions such as high-speed roller coaters and haunted houses. Would you guys be okay with that?

Taehyun: No problem!
Mino: Attractions are totally fine! Frogs are scary!
Taehyun: What are you talking about? (Laughs)
Hoon: Indeed, indeed. Mino screams when he sees frogs.
Jinwoo: He gets scared even if he sees them in photos and drawings.
Seungyoon: …Shall we return to the topic? (Laughs)

Q. Indeed. (Laughs) Earlier, we talked about Taehyun playing the guitar during the tour this time. What about the other members, are there any instruments that you would like to learn to play?

Mino: Saxophone! (Mimics playing the saxophone) Wouldn’t I look super cool if I played it during our concert?

Q. I fell in love with you (Laughs)

Hoon: For me. It’s tennis!
All: (Shocked expressions)
Jinwoo: What happened? Do you have a fever or something? (Laughs)
Hoon: That’s not it! I have challenged many musical instruments until now, but have given up on all of them halfway. I want to stop learning musical instruments…
Taehyun: That’s why you suddenly mentioned tennis… (Laughs)
Hoon: I’ve liked the Japanese manga “Prince of Tennis” since I was young (T/N: Couldn’t see the words clearly), so I’ve always wanted to learn tennis.
Mino: I learnt tennis for two years, I’ll teach you.
Hoon: Can you really play? But I’ve never seen you play?
Mino: (Mimics striking and smashing the tennis ball)
Jinwoo: I want to learn scuba diving.
Seungyoon: (Dazed expression & sighs) But we are supposed to be talking about musical instruments (Laughs)
Hoon: (Ignores) Jinwoo was born in Imjado, so he is really good at swimming. Because his school was on the mainland, he went to school by swimming from the island.

Q. Really?

Mino: I’m going to school! (Mimics swimming)
Jinwoo: Ahaha, it’s true that I am good at swimming.

Q. I can’t tell what was true, and what was just a joke. (Laughs) Please tell us only the truth from now on.

Seungyoon: Of course, please take care of us.

Q. It’s the 2nd year since your debut, please think back on the past year and tell us your thoughts.

Taehyun: Because we were writing songs and lyrics during our first year of debut, it seems like we have grown up very fast. In this past year, we have been thinking about our group’s future every single day. For example, thoughts like “We want to write/make great songs and deliver them to everyone! How can we make good songs”. If we can make good songs, wouldn’t that mean more growth in WINNER? As more time goes by, there is greater expectation that good songs will be produced.
Seungyoon: I feel the same as Taehyun. Compared to the time we debuted, WINNER’s level has gone up. There were more things we could do in concerts. In the concerts this time, I think we could communicate with fans more skillfully. We could make fans enjoy.
Hoon: When I was a trainee, since I still lacked the ability, I was full of the feeling that I wanted to stand on the starting point soon. I never imagine about being number one on the music chart at that time.
Seungyoon: When we debuted, released the album, and got number one and received the rookie awards… it was the year like a dream. The impression of the momment we received the rookie awards still remains until now. The first tour in Japan is also an important memory.
Taehyun: The moment WINNER was born is the memory that still remains the most for me because it was the moment we began our musician life.

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Q. Animal House?

Taehyun: We live together. Therefore, not coming home alone makes me feel happy. it’s reassuring and not lonely.
Hoon: In the house, there are my dogs and Jinwoo’s 6 cats living together, so it’s not lonely. However, I sometimes don’t know if it’s a human house or an animal house (Laughs)
Jinwoo: Rather than us, the cats stay in the house longer. Perhaps, we are freeloaders!? (Laughs)


Taehyun x Jinwoo Interview

Q. If you add a name for this combination?

Taehyun: (In Japanese) Rock-paper-scissors. There’s no reason for it. Just like that (Laughs). Ah! NamJin!
Jinwoo: That sounds good, NamJin! Taehyun’s Nam and Jinwoo’s Jin.
Taehyun: It’s the same name with Korea’s trot singer NamJin sunbae.

Q. If you two work as a unit, what kind of concept do you want to do?

Taehyun: Of course, it’s trot.
Jinwoo: Taehyun will make songs.
Taehyun: Exciting songs which are cheerful and can bring up the atmosphere!

Q. Please tell us each other’s good points and things that you want the other to fix

Taehyun: It’s magnificent that Jinwoo hyung works out very hard.
Jinwoo: Because I got a pot belly (Laughs)
Taehyun: His concentration when working is the best among members. Things that I want him to fix is… his laughing voice!
Jinwoo: Ahaha!
Taehyun: Look at this! Isn’t it weird? He is good-looking but what a waste. (Laughs)
Jinwoo: Ahaha~ Ahaha~ (Laughing while trying to raise and low his voice) Taehyun is (in Japanese) a guy that you can lean on. Not to mention he is a younger member, but I also receie his help a lot. I think he doesn’t have anything that I want him to fix~. Previously, he was too taciturn and didn’t talk much to members. I said to him, “I hope you will communicate with members more enthustiastically”, now he started a conversation with members. He is sa guy who always does his best for everyone.
Taehyun: It was hard since I’ve been doing everything on my own till now. So I thought althought I didn’t force myself to talk, it was fine. But we’re a team now. As a member of a team, I reflected on myself that communication is important. At first, I was aware of it and tried to talk, now I feel comfortable when we talk together.
Jinwoo: And Taehyun’s good point is that he’s good at cooking ramen.
Taehyun: …I was forced to cooking ramen everyday. It’s a joke (Laughs)
Jinwoo: What is the secret to make it delicious?
Taehyun: There’s nothing in particular. (Hoon butts in saying “Ramen that others cook is the most delicious)

Q. Then who do you think is the coolest member?

Jinwoo: It’s Taehyun.
Taehyun: (Laughs) Why???? (Hoon buts in again saying, “You’ll think about it from now on, right?” and left)
Jinwoo: We know Taehyun’s private life. He is far different from his image on stage. Of course, with a good meaning. He shows us a charismatic stage when he works, but he is very delicate when it isn’t work. I think that gap is very attractive.
Taehyun: (Suddenly faces the reporter) Thank you.
Jinwoo: You’re supposed to say ‘Thank you’ to me!

Q. A while ago, Seungyoon said that “Taehyun is the first one to be like a star after debut”, what do you think about that?

Taehyun: That’s not it (Laughs). Wasn’t it Jinwoo hyung? I think he became more polished and more handsome.
Jinwoo: (makes a I-don’t-hate-it-face)

Q. If you compare the other with an animal?

Jinwoo: An eagle! (*Translator couldn’t read past this sentence)
Taehyun: Jinwoo hyung is a cat. He is cute and sexy at the same time, and also a tsundere (a person who acts cold & hostile but is actually a warm person). He has various charms.

Q. Cats don’t act that cutely to people, do they?

Jinwoo: Actually it isn’t like that. At least, my kids (his cats) aren’t like that.
Taehyun: That’s right. Jinwoo hyungs cats like people very much. But what is that “my kids”! (Laughs) Jinwoo hyung looks like a dad when he looks after his cats.
Jinwoo: My kids are really cute. I raise 6 cats but they always sleep together. I think I can understand parents’ feelings who bring a child while raising cats (Laughs). Ah ah, I miss them all.
Taehyun: Because we have to be in Japan for a while, we left them at a hospital or members’ family houses. I miss them too. I want to go back to our dorm and touch their fur. I think raising cats is a right thing when the time I spend or conversations with members get longer.
Jinwoo: Right, right.
Taehyun: We used to spend a lot of time staying in each room before raising cats. But now, we gather naturally in the living room having meals and playing with cats together. Thanks to the cats, we got closer.
Jinwoo: That’s right. Our kids are the existence that is indispensible to WINNER.
Taehyun: Ah, no. Jinwoo hyung’s stories of cats has started. He’ll keep talking until morning (Laughs). I want to run away!


Hoon x Mino x Jinwoo Interview

Q. If you were to have a team name for you three?

Hoon: (In Japanese) 3 generations. Ahaha, there is a ramen shop in Korea called “–3 Generations”. There’s 3 persons so 3 generations. 3 generation bonkura (dummy) or bonkura trio sounds good too.
Mino: I don’t want bonkura (laughs)

Q. Please tell us the good points about each and points to fix.

Mino: Jinwoo hyung is so handsome and he is a kind person. He always say “Seungyoon-ah, you do it”.
Jinwoo: But it sounds like I’m forcing him to do it? (laughs)
Mino: No no. If there is something we all want to do but only one person gets to do it, Jinwoo hyung will give way. A point to fix would be… There are times he’ll tackle us all of a sudden. It’s nothing much but he’ll suddenly go “What’s that?” in this manner. He’s a tiresome person.
Jinwoo: (He burst out laughing) Ah, that’s right, I talk in that manner. “Why? Why?” like this (laughs). I don’t really know why but the switch will turn on suddenly. Like when I’m sensitive due to lack of sleep.. Eh? Tiresome person?… I’m unfavourable so let’s talk about Seunghoon. (laughs) Seunghoon’s good point is… (Silence)
Hoon: (He looks at the time) You aren’t able to pick just one right. I have about 14,000 good points so you wouldn’t be able to pick.
Jinwoo: That’s not it (laughs). (Hoon whispered into Jinwoo’s ears who was still thinking)
Jinwoo: (He speaks as if he just thought of something) Ah… During this Japan tour, I used a hotel room by muself. At first, I thought it’ll be really great because I am able to use it all by myself comfortably but in reality when I sleep, it’s really lonely. Seunghoon who found out about that,would leave Mino, who uses the same room as him, when he’s asleep and come over to my room and sleep with me. Seunghoon has that kind of warm-hearted side of him.
Mino: You didn’t think about me getting lonely. (Laughs)
Hoon: You’ be sleeping anyway
Mino: When I open my eyes early int he morning, Seunghoon wouldn’t be around. I was really lonely and (Following WINNER’s song title) empty~~!!
Hoon: Oh. It’s tiring for the popular person (Laughs). What about points to fix? Pick one among the 3.
Jinwoo: (Finds it ridiculous)… There isn’t any yet. Yet. For now.
Mino: His body touch is too much. He touches our bodies so much.
Hoon: Especially inside the elevator, beware. Huhuhu. (Laughs suspiciously)

Q. If you were to compare each other to an animal?

Mino: Seunghoon hyun would be a puppy.
Jinwoo: A young puppy.
Mino: Because he ke~eps running around.
Hoon: Woof woof (Acts like a puppy)
Jinwoo: The puppy Seunghoon keeps is the same too. It always runs. I think it’s true that pets are similar to their owners.
Hoon: Mino would be a dolphin. Previously when we went to Jeju island, we saw a dolphin, it was so cute, and was overflowing with energy so I thought it was just like Mino.
Mino: Jinwoo hyung would be a meerkat. He looks like one too (Acts like a meerkat).
Hoon: (Looks around in the same position) Did anyone make a mistake? Did Mino do anything bad?
Mino: He’s looking around to be vigilant. (Laughs)
Jinwoo: Ah, what a mess (Laughs)

Q. Please tells u a bit of each other’s secrets

Hoon: (In a small voice) Jinwoo hyung.. This Japan tour was for 2 motnhs… (in a loud voice) But he only brought 3 outfits!
Mino: And! To make the clothes he brought look like other clothes, he’d cut up the sleeves bit by bit to trick us!
Hoon: (In Japanese) Really? This is shocking (laughs)
Jinwoo: I thought I could buy clothes in Japan. I planned to go shopping the moment I arrive in Japan but I didn’t have much time.
Hoon: It was a long sleeve in the beginning, but it got shorter and shorter…
Mino: Isn’t it going to turn into a tank top in the end?
Jinwoo: Then Seunghoon brushes his teeth 6 times a day.
Mino: He brushed 12 times a day previously.
Jinwoo: He changes his toothbrush once every 3 days..
Hoon: It’s clean! Previously, I bought a toothbrush in Japan but the bristles of Japanese toothbrush is too little. The sound is subtle too, like shaka shaka shaka. I’m the type to brushing my teeth like chika chika with a toothbrush with many bristles, so I felt it was a pity.
Mino: Is that why you brushed your teeth with toothbrushes in both hands?
I’ve never done that! (Laughs)

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Personal Interview – Song Minho

Q. Mino who’s baritone voice rap is charming. You’ve release a solo song, who do you wish to do a collaboration in the future?

Mino: Rapper KOHH who’s active in the Japanese hiphop scene. I picked a Japanese artist since this is a Japanese magazine (He proudly said it). KOHH’s style is really cool… (The interviewer was interrupted at this point as it was Mino’s turn for the personal shoot. Just then, Hoon was beside said, “I think KOHH will be really bothered if he were to read this magazine and would be going ‘Why did he pick me? Why?’ if the only interview only had this one part” and burst out laughing)

(After Mino had returned from his photoshoot) I’m back (laughs). I knew about KOHH when I was a trainee. I really yearn for his sense of music or fashion, MV, all! KOHH is very cool because he has a personality only he can show. I think I’ll be really happy if I get to do a collaboration with him someday.

Q. You compose and write lyrics in the team, is there any other field you’re interested in?

Mino: MV production. When I write a song, I’d create an image of the song’s view of the world in my head. I want to try expressing that image through a MV.

Q. The member you think is the most handsomest out of all members?

Mino: (After being silent for a while) Jin…woo.. Hyung? (He looked at Jinwoo’s face slightly after he said this) is handsome, there are times I’ll be looking at him without me knowing. Do I envy him? That’s not it. Because I’m quite handsome myself (laughs).

Q. What do you do when you rest?

Mino: I’d rest in the dormitory. But if I keep staying at home, my body would itch (to go out) so I would end up going to the practice room. (Hoon commented “Don’t act cool~~ (laughs)”)

Q. What did you find out while you were active in Japan?

Mino: The difference between a melody that matches well with a Korean and a melody that matches well with Japanese. For example, ‘EMPTY’ in Korea is pronounced “Gong-uh-hae” so it ends with a “hae”, whereas for Japanese it ends with a “ii” from “Mu-na-shi-ii”. The image of the song changes the much. It was my first time feeling such sensation.

Q. If you were to pick a part that’s worth watching in ‘WINNER 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014’ DVD?

Mino: Of course, WINNER’s cool side on stage and it also contains the side of us fooling around. Please enjoy the true side of us!


Q. Handsome Jinwoo who has perfect facial features. In order to improve yourself, what do you pay attention to usually?

Jinwoo: I work out at the gym! I am liking working out/sports more and more. As I grow older, I will develop a belly if I don’t work hard, wouldn’t I? In order not to have regrets in the future, I have started to work hard now

Q. You will be debuting as an actor in the Korean-Chinese drama “Magic Cellphone”, please tell us your thoughts about acting in a drama for the firs time.

Jinwoo: Because I am totally unfamilliar with TV dramas, I was very worried at the beginning. I also learnt on the set that a single scene needs to be filmed multiple times. Within 5 days, filming practically went on constantly overnight, it was really tough. But because it is very meaningful, I thoroughtly enjoyed (the process). And I want to act, I want to be active in Japan as an actoor. Of course, the script/lines will be in Japanese! Ten years later, as a singer for sure, but I also wish to become the best artiste active in Japan or Hollywood.

Q. Are you a superstitious person?

Jinwoo: With regard to superstitions, aren’t they products of your inner consciousness? Precisely because they are things we manufacture/create, I try my best not to believe in them/be superstitious,

Q. When you have worries/troubles, who do you turn to?

Jinwoo: I will not consult/tell them to anyone. I guess I am the type who will not consult others, but will bear through worries and stress alone. I will explode one day… I also kow that it is not ideal if I don’t let loose (my worries and stress) a little, but I am not good with it. That’s my personality.

Q. When did you realize you have become an adult?

Jinwoo: (In Japanese) Not yet x5. (Laughs) I’ve never thought of myself as becoming a grown-up. It feels too embarassing to say things like “became an adult” so I can’t say it. Of course, it’s the same for the other members. (Laughs)

Q. As the oldest member of the group, what are the moments when you felt this way?

Jinwoo: When I see the behaviour of the members, I will have thoguhts like “How young/such is youth”. (Laughs) For example, when they are playing pranks, or when they speak up daringly, etc. (Laughs) I will think, “If it was me, I wouldn’t have done that. (They are) so young!” (Laughs)

Q. What are the charms of WINNER’s live performances?

Jinwoo: You can see many different kinds of stage performances like rock, pop, acoustic, etc. We will continue to showcase our strengths, and from here on, I hope to continue bringing fans happiness through live performance that only WINNER can do.


Personal Interview – Nam Taehyun

Q. Taehyun who debuted as an actor in “Midnight Girl”. After that, you acted in dramas such as “Midnight Diner” that were the talk of the town. Can you tell us what are the charms of being an actor?

Taehyun: Depending on the role, I can experience many different kinds of lives/lifestyles.

Q. What is your goal as an actor?

Taehyun: I hope to act in a unique production that is full of artistic quality someday. Because my main profession is a singer, I do not really hope to be extremely successful as an actor. As an actor, I feel happy to be able to show my fans a brand new side of me. When I receive a new drama, I will thnk about what side of me I can show if I act in it, before I decide whether or not to accept the drama.

Q. Did you check out the other members’ solo activities?

Taehyun: I watched/saw practically everything. As an audience member, I am very happy to see the members’ activities. If they looked cool, I would praise them, “You looked cool”, but if I found it uninteresting, I would tell them, “That was uninteresting.” It seems like I am surprisingly strict. (Laughs)”

Q. When you have worries/trouble, who do you turn to?

Taehyun: I have a doll that I received from my friend, which can help alleviate your worries/troubles if you tell it to them frankly. So if I have any worries/troubles, I would tell them to the doll. If I tell them to do the doll, my worries will totally disappear. So I really like this doll.

Q. Who is the person that you have admired since before debut, and someone whom you felt touched to see in reality?

Taehyun: Our company’s CEO Yang Hyunsuk. When you see him in real life, you would think he’s really cool and tall. But it’s not the same as feeling touched. (Laughs) It’s more like feeling shocked.

Q. It seems you like dipping barbecued meat in ketchup, what kind of taste is that?

Taehyun: It tastes like bacon. It’s really delicious! When I pajeon(green onion pancake), if there’s vinegar, I would dip and it with ketchup. It tastes even better if there’s rice. It’s the best if there is also oyster kimchi.

Q. Can you recommend us any more simple useful dishes?

Taehyun: Basically, steak sauce. Even if there is no steak, you can mix and eat it with rice.

Q. What is that you can confidently say “I can win/I am better at this than the other members”?

Taehyun: (Hitting/patting his thigh while lifting it) I have the most strength here! (Full of confidence)

Q. In what ways have you improved yourself?

Taehyun: I would like to become more mature. I would also like to become smarter. As such, I have to read more books… That’s what I think. Please look forward to an intelligent Taehyun.


Hoon Solo Interview

Q. When you have concerns, which members will you consult with?

Hoon: I’m the type that will work thinks out on my own and won’t pour out my concerns to anyone. That’s my advantage as well as disadvantage. (Mino who was next to him said, “Pour out your concerns. I’m ready to listen) Please stop acting like you’re cool all alone (Laughs).

Q. What do you do when you take time off?

Hoon: I play with my pet Otto. Otto is a puppy that I’ve received from my acquaintance. 4 days after that, the name Otto was added. I just happened to learn the chinese word for ‘man’ or ‘otoko’ on that day. It changed from ‘Otoko’ to ‘Ototo’, ‘Oto’ and finally became ‘Otto’.

Q. 10 years later, what is Seunghoon’s image?

Hoon: I think I will make them do battles and decide the team that will debut just like WINNER was chosen by sunbaes (Laughs). Their fates are in our hands…! Kyahaha (Laughs)

Q. In a previous interview, you said “When I have an important work to do, I usually get hurt”. Until now, when were you badly hurt?

Hoon: I fell backwards down stage in YGFAMILY Concert in Singapore last September. After the concert finished, I went to the hospital immediately, the doctor told me “If you had fallen head down first, you would have been badly hurt as you wouldn’t be able to turn your head around”. My face turned pale. But I’m used to injuries. Ever since I was a child, I usually got hurt because I did Taekwondo. It’s also called “Dachyeotseu”. It’s nicknamed as “s” is the complex form of “Dachyeoosseo” (meaning to get hurt in Korean). (Laughs)

Q. Beside that, do you have any jinx?

Hoon: Dream interpretation might be different in Korea and Japan but it’s said if you shed tears when someone dies or gets hurt in your dream, it means a good think will come to you in Korea. I feel like a good thing will come to me the next day, if I dream a dream that leaves such a strong impression. It may be a superstition though (Laughs).

Q. If you have to choose worth watching scenes from WINNER’s 1st Japan Tour DVD?

Hoon: There are scenes hwere we ate delicious foods from various places and went sightseeing as well. I think just by watching it, you’ll feel like you’re travelling (Laughs). Started from big cities, we visited various places of the country so fans who watch the DVD will be satisfied.


Personal Interview – Kang Seungyoon

Q. Seungyoon who guides the group as the leader. What are the worries of the leader? Which member will you share your worries/troubles with?

Seungyoon: Worries… I guess that would be things like what kind of album should be make next, how should we carry out our activities. I would not discuss my worries with anyone. Even if I have worries/problems, I’m the type who will tackle them alone.

Q. Which member do you think has shown the most growth in the past year?

Seungyoon: Although we each have our own fields, I think all of us are growing at the same pace. In particular, Jinwoo has shown the most growth. Working together as singers, and as individuals, I feel there has been a lot of growth.

Q. You personally participate in creating and compossing the group’s songs. When and where do you write songs?

Seungyoon: There is no specia setting. I write songs at oru dorm, as well as our practice room. It is not the case that “I definitely have to write songs at the studio, or else I can’t do it”. (Laughs)

Q. Recently, what have you been doing most of the time?

Seungyoon: Work. Aside from that I am mostly sleeping, I guess. I don’t really have any interests. During my days off, I play with the six cats that Jinwoo is rearing at our dorm. I would like to have some hobbies that are healing!

Q. What kind of existence are the members to you?

Seungyoon: WINNER members are the best artistes! I find it exciting, just performing the songs we made together.

Q. Have you checked out the solo work/activities of the other members?

Seungyoon: Of course. It gives me a great feeling. To be able to see their attractive/cool side as members of WINNER, and to expand the boundaries/width of our group activities. I will always support them.

Q. What is it that you can confidently say “I can win/I am better at this than the other members”?

Seungyoon: Style! I’m the slimmest among the members.

Q. Of all the people you admired before debut, who have you felt particularly touched by after meeting them?

Seungyoon: The actrees Lee Minjung. During my first audition, she came to see it. Because I’m a fan, I was happy to be able to see her, and felt touched/grateful to be able to greet her.

Q. Please imagine yourself after 10 years.

Seungyoon: I think I will be singing just as I am doing now, and living life in a more calm/sedate manner.


Report about WINNER’s Japan debut 1st year anniversary: Seungyoon cried!

A happy surprise for the members from the staff during encore!

They had pictures full of memories since their debut, message flashed on the screen saying “WINNER Japan 1st Year Anniversary, Congratulations”, and cake put out on stage. And also, the venue filled with devoted fans blessed/cheered them with “Congratulations!”. Seungyoon, who was deeply moved by this surprise said, “Thank you, really, for our 1st year anniversary since debut!!” It’s also everyone’s first year anniversary since becoming a fan, right? Thank you very much!” He said with tears flowing.


2nd year’s expression of resolution from WINNER to fans!

In the evening’s last stage performance…
Seungyoon: Everyone, please promise, let’s walk together until after 50 years… We will be back with new songs and album.



Q. This autumn, what fashion would you want women to wear?

Hoon: Wear warm clothes, so you don’t catch a cold. Also, carry a thin cardigan in a bag.

Q. What do you think “I like this” of Japanese fans?

Hoon: When fans wear clothes that have my name on.

Q. Favourite motto?

Hoon: No experience is meaningless



Q. This autumn, what fashion would you want women to wear?

Jinwoo: Pants – light blue, Tops – stripes, Shoes – sneakers. The hem has to be tucked in the pants a bit

Q. What do you think “I like this” of Japanese fans?

Jinwoo: Japanese fans always laugh and are kind. They’re also cute.

Q. Favourite motto?

Jinwoo: Don’t be afraid to fail


Q. This autumn, what fashion would you want women to wear?

Mino: Cardigan with cute prints or pastel tone that gives a refreshing feeling

Q. What do you think “I like this” of Japanese fans?

Mino: They are purely passionate.

Q. Favourite motto?

Mino: Everything will soon pass.



Q. This autumn, what fashion would you want women to wear?

Taehyun: Plain clothes. Oversized shirt that goes well with jeans.

Q. What do you think “I like this” of Japanese fans?

Taehyun: Japanese fans have good manners. I feel very thankful that they respect us.

Q. Favourite motto?

Taehyun: Realm of nothingness


Q. This autumn, what fashion would you want women to wear?

Seungyoon: Slim denim pants with white shurts tucked into the denim pants for chic feels. To complete the fall fashion, wear a black ride jacket.

P.S. To make it seem we don’t overdo our fashion, wear a vintage low sneaker.

Q. What do you think “I like this” of Japanese fans?

Seungyoon: Their cute feels!

Q. Favourite motto?

Seungyoon: Change is the key to success

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Translations by: bluemoon0194, minocentury, w_xsh, prancingmaria, wildforyoon, somngosan, kyotangmo, qinqin2qin, seventysevenok
Transcribed by: With_WINNER