[Exclusive] WINNER Filming Music Video for a November Comeback… Will Promote Double Title Tracks

The comeback of male idol group, WINNER, is very close.

According to a source in the music industry, WINNER filmed a music video for their new album in Stockholm, Sweden, for a November comeback.

WINNER is planning to promote double title tracks and will naturally release two music videos. The names of the two songs are “Being Sentimental” and “BABY BABY BABY”. It has been announced that the two songs fully contain WINNER’s singing abilities and performance skills.

WINNER’s comeback in November has been predicted early on. Director Yang Hyunsuk of YG Entertainment posted a picture that hinted on WINNER’s comeback on his personal Instagram account last month. He also raised much anticipation when he stated, “Something surprising will be revealed soon.”

Currently, YG Entertainment is planning a large-scale promotion and is getting ready for WINNER’s comeback activities.

WINNER released their debut album “2014 S/S” last August and did not step foot on domestic stages for one year. They only focused on overseas concerts and individual activities so this is very good news for the fans who have waited for WINNER’s domestic activities for a long time.

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Translation by: chrissy96_