Q. Were you burdened by the phrase, “Song Mino will win anyways”?

Basick: That didn’t have anything to do with me. It was aimed at Mino. I didn’t feel burdened because of it. Something that started as a joke in the beginning became a popular catchphrase that must’ve made Mino think, “Even if I win, it’ll be at a cost” and that must’ve burdened him. I wasn’t burdened by those kinds of things. Because I thought that Mino was a contestant who certainly has the potential to win, I thought that we should each do our best on our stages and if Mino did better than me, he would be the winner and if not, I would win. The phrase, “Song Mino will win anyways” was so overused that by the final round, it was meaningless to me.

Q. Tell us about Mino as an opponent.

Basick: He was a rapper who had the best balance and didn’t lack anything in terms of rapping and performing out of all the contestants of “Show Me The Money 4”. Because I saw how talented Mino was while doing the missions, I thought that I was going to lose before the final battle. I thought that I would win only if I did really well. I was sure that Mino was predominant compared to me in the ratio of 7:3.

Translation by: @chrissy96_
Source: naver