Han Hyojoo, “Big Fan of ‘Show Me The Money 4’…
Supporting Song Mino” (Interview)

Actress Han Hyojoo revealed that she is a big fan of “Show Me The Money 4”.

Recently, before the premiere of the movie, “Beauty Inside”, Han Hyojoo stated, “I really like ‘Show Me The Money 4’. I am supporting Song Mino” during an interview with OBS Plus.

On this day, when asked about what kind of music she enjoys, Han Hyojoo began by saying, “I like classical music like Lee Soo (Han Hyojoo’s character) of ‘Beauty Inside’. But I usually listen to any type of music”.

She continued, “I think I like old music rather than current ones. I have similar sensibility to Lee Soo. Other than hiphop, it goes without saying that I also listen to Hyukoh and ZionT. Hyukoh Band’s music is really nice”.

Also Han Hyojoo explained, “Since my role for ‘Haeohwa’, which I’m currently filming, is heavy and difficult, I listen to lots of classical music. But I also listen to jazz music to try to cheer myself up”.

She complimented, “I make sure to watch ‘Show Me The Money 4’. Song Mino is really good. He’s really cool”.

“Show Me The Money”, the only domestic rapper survival show is broadcasting their 4th season this year. Song Mino is being praised as a power rookie in Team Zico-Paloalto with his low voice and powerful rapping. He is gathering much attention as a strong candidate to become the final winner.

Meanwhile, “Beauty Inside”, the fantasy-romance movie gaining attention for its unique concept and colourful charm, will premiere on the 20th.

Translation by: @chrissy96_