[동아닷컴=홍세영 기자] Aura Media, the production company of SBS TV drama “Doctor Stranger” kicks off its project to produce five drama series jointly with a Chinese production company, and the hero of the first series will be NAM TAE HYUN.

According to Aura Media recently, the company has signed a contract in Beijing for joint production of five drama series with China’s middle-sized production company Kwanya Media. Aura Media said that the shooting for “Under Black Moonlight” (working title, written by Kang Soo-Yeon and directed by Lee Jung-Pyo) will begin this month.

Under Black Moonlight”, the first of the five series, is an unusual genre of mystery thriller. As it is known to have high-quality images and sophisticated story, “Under Black Moonlight” has drawn keen attention even from the stage of its scenario is written.

Plus, as Korea’s top stars including NAM TAE HYUN will play title roles in the series for Korean Wave fans in and out of the country, the casting for the series is drawing a keen attention.

Aura Media expressed its confidence, saying, “The five drama series will once again prove the enormous potential of the Korean Wave in the on/off-line drama market of Korean and China.”

Meanwhile, “Under Black Moonlight” is a story about incidents that take place to an owner of a mountain cabin and his mother after a group of friends’ visit to the cabin. Lee Jung-Pyo who has directed drama “Quiz of God” and “Sunshine Girl” and Kang Soo-Yeong who wrote “28 Moons” jointly produced by Korea, China, and Japan will be the director and writer of “Under Black Moonlight”, respectively. It will be cranked in soon and released in the second half of this year.

Source: yglife