[OSEN=최나영 기자] KANG SEUNGYOON and DARA from “We Broke Up” showed that the love is still not over, with memories still intact.

In the episode of Naver TV Cast’s web drama “We Broke Up” (written by Jeon Sun Yeong, Directed by Kim Yong Wan, Kim Ki Yoon) on July 10, it was aired under the title “Half of Memory.” With characters Woori (DARA) and Won Yong (KANG SEUNG YOON), the episode featured the two still having feelings for each other.

Won Yong asked Nana (Kang Seung Hyun) out. Won Young was confused about his feelings when he worked on his music in front of his computer. And he found a file with a password, which he easily guessed. In the file, there are photos and videos with Woori when they were still a happy couple.

The two lovebirds in the past make Won Young nostalgic. He smiles, but he looks sad somehow.

Woori visits Hyun Woo’s and sees a drum set which she is attracted to. Woori shows interest and he immediately plays the drums for her, and he recommends her to play. “I can’t play,” she says, but her skills take Hyun Woo by surprise. She looks at him and says, “My housemates are in a band, so I’m just imitating.”

Won Yong looks at the video and is absorbed in his past memory, while Woori is playing the drum passionately. Half of the memories were still living inside the hearts of the two.

Nana watches Won Yong from behind, and she announces that he will be appearing on a radio. Hyun Woo tells Woori, “I want you to leave that house. It gets on my nerves,” explicitly telling Woori he is bothered by Won Yong.

“We Broke Up” is aired every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm through Naver TV Cast. It is a music romance web drama about a man and a woman who have to live in the same house even after breaking up.

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