[엑스포츠뉴스=김승현 기자] SONG MINHO, in an attempt to be recognized as a true rapper rather than a member of WINNER, has threw his hat into the ring to win in Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4.”

SONG MINHO is drawing immense attention recently ever since he made his appearance on the show. Many were worried with doubts when the announcement came in, but he confronted the doubters with talented rapping skills.

SONG MINHO shined in the show’s 2nd episode because Mnet producers were hesitant to reveal how he performed in the first episode, arousing viewers’ curiosity.

SONG MINHO instantly became a big hit as he outperformed others in the 1st and 2nd auditions and became the “kid not to be messed with.” He went face to face with Zico in the first round and then showed off his rapping skills during the 60-second solo performance.

He seemed confident and enjoyed himself on stage. Although Jay Park and Loco gave him a fail sign as he was beating around the bush at first, but SONG MINHO did not let the negativity to put him down. His high spirit and aggressive rapping performance satisfied the producers who initially showed intentions to recruit him.

SONG MINHO’s contenders were all in awe as they were watching him powerful performance. He already became a heavy favorite to win and some are saying that he could potentially become the next BOBBY who won in “Show Me The Money 3.”

Season 4’s main producer Lee Sang Yun said, “SONG MINHO has different kind of charm and charisma compared to BOBBY. The more you get to know him, the more he has to show. His talent is never-ending and he is gaining recognition as a rapper now, not as a member of an idol group.”

Of course SONG MINHO should not get too ahead of himself, but fans and producers could not help but have greater expectations toward him as he proved himself in the 2nd round. “The entire crew and producers of the show are expecting a lot from him as rapper SONG MINHO, not as a member of WINNER.”

Meanwhile, the 3rd episode of “Show Me The Money 4” will air at 11 p.m. on July 10.


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