“Midnight Diner” What is Nam Taehyun of WINNER like on set? A Cute Cat

On the 23rd, the production crew of SBS “Midnight Diner” (Writer Choi Daewoong, Hong Yoonhee, Director, Hwang In-ro) revealed photos of actor Nam Taehyun on set.

The released photos contain Nam Taehyun who transformed into a smiling cat in the streets for his part-time job.

Despite having to film while wearing the thick fur in the hot weather, it was evident that Nam Taehyun had a special passion for acting as he was seen thoughtfully immersing into Director Hwang In-ro’s interpretation and discussing the details of his careful acting. Also, even though Nam Taehyun was drenched in sweat, he never showed his exhaustion and even smiled and posed for the camera, proving himself to be the mood-maker of the filming set.

The production staff commented, “Nam Taehyun received the role of Minwoo, a hard-working and smiling boy who, despite being raised in a troubled household, continually works part-time jobs while studying for school. He will play a part to illustrate one of various storylines within the drama “Midnight Diner”. To perfectly understand his character, Minwoo, Nam Taehyun is doing his best to the extent that he never lets go of his script.”

Meanwhile, “Midnight Diner”, a drama that contains universality along with special everyday stories of our lives is set to air episodes 1 and 2 back to back, with each episode being 30 minutes long on July 4th.

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Translated by: @chrissy96_