Nam Taehyun of Winner, Confirmed to be in “Midnight Diner”… As a Positive Boy Named Minwoo

Nam Taehyun of WINNER will debut in his first “Big Three” broadcasting station drama through SBS “Midnight Diner”.

On the 4th, according to YG Entertainment, Nam Taehyun, who debuted in 2014 as a member of the group WINNER, showed much charm as a singer. He also received much praise for his stable acting in the MBCevery1 webdrama “Girl of 0AM” which ended on May 14th. The total viewpoints of the webdrama reached around a million views in 10 days online, signifying the popularity of the webdrama and putting Nam Taehyun as a “Next Generation Rising Star in Acting”.

“Midnight Diner” will contain the recently trending representative contents of “Mukbang” (eating broadcast) and narrate each characters’ stories while showing the power of healing through eating. It is foreseen that each dish that will be shown on “Midnight Diner” in every episode will give the joys of eating with the viewers’ eyes and make that the most charming approach.

Nam Taehyun has received the role of “Minwoo” a kind-hearted boy who is earnest and positive towards everything. According to an insider of “Midnight Diner”, they were “looking for someone who can express Minwoo’s characteristics well and Nam Taehyun of WINNERcaught our eyes. Although he is a rookie who doesn’t have much acting experience, we are looking forward to see him show Minwoo well with his own charms”.

Veteran director Hwang In-ro, who directed dramas “Goong”, “Return of Iljimae”, and “Love Again”, will be directing. Writer Choi Daewoong, a variety writer who has shown outstanding results through “Gag Concert”, “Knee Drop Guru”, “Radio Star” and “Ssuljeon”, along with writer Hong Yoonhee, who originates from KBS2 “Gag Concert” is planning to create a well-made drama with ample humour and lyrical depth.

Nam Taehyun’s first acting challenge in one of the “Big Three” broadcasting stations, highly anticipated SBS late night drama “Midnight Diner” is slotted to air every midnight on Saturdays from late-June.

Also, the cast members, who were always veiled on set, were revealed on this day which have been catching attention. Talented actors and actresses such as Choi Jaesung, Jung Hanheon, Joo Wonsung, Park Junmyun, Son Hwaryung, Park Minjung, Jang Heejung, Kang Seoyeon, Nam Taehyun, who have already shined in a variety of dramas, movies, theaters, and musicals, make up the customers of the “Midnight Diner”, raising the anticipation of the project.

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Translations by: chrissy96_