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“Show Me The Money 4”, 7 Thousands Round Up for 1st Round of Preliminaries… “All-Time Highest”

An all-time highest of 7 thousand applicants gathered for the first round of preliminaries for “Show Me The Money 4” and proved their hot passion for hip hop.

Mnet “Show Me The Money 4” officially announced their start on the 10th with the first round of preliminaries that took place at Incheon Namdong Gymnasium Arena. Around 7 thousand people gathered and heated the site with their fervour.

Anticipation is rising especially due to skilled rappers who are known in the underground scene such as P-Type, Microdot, Seo Chulgoo, Andup, taking part in the auditions, along with rappers in idol groups that already have fandom followings such as Ravi of Vixx, Song Mino of WINNER, Buffy of Madtown, Jooheon of Monsta X, Buffy of EvoL, Kidoh and Yano of Topp Dogg, among others. All applicants expressed their will in showing their skills without regrets which developed the heightened tension.

Also, applicants included men and women of all ages which grabbed attention. Foreigners, children, even the elderly came to display their unrivalled skills in rapping. Among them were those who showed rapping skills that surpassed the amateur level and surprised judges, further increasing the excitement for the outcome.

Family members, friends, and fans who came to cheer on the applicants added to the energy and created a festival-like atmosphere. The production crew of “Show Me The Money 4” stated, “Last year there were many applicants who came alone but there are many more applicants who came with friends and family this year. As hip hop is becoming more accessible to the public, it seems as though the number of people supporting the applicants are increasing.”

The best producer teams consisting of Jinusean-Tablo, Verbal Jint-San E, Park Jaebum-Loco, Zico-Palo Alto, also assembled that day. The producers immersed themselves in judging despite the difficult circumstances to select skilled rappers.

The production crew voiced, “It was surprising to see so many skilled applicants. We put our heart and soul in deciding who got eliminated and who passed. We predict this season will host the most intense contest.”

Meanwhile, the rapper survival show, “Show Me The Money 4” will broadcast its first episode in June.

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Translations by: @chrissy96_