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Nam Taehyun of WINNER, Transformation into Cute High School Student… Challenge into Acting

A still cut of WINNER’s Nam Taehyun, who will soon make his debut as an actor, as a cute high school student was released.

On the 1st, the behind the scenes cut of Nam Taehyun’s younger-look in a school uniform and a padded jacket for his first lead role in the webdrama, “Girl of 0AM”, is gaining attention.

Nam Taehyun will play the role of Gong Jidan, a boy who dreams of becoming a superstar but fails an audition then meets a mysterious girl named Min Sera (Seo Minji’s role) who helps him mature as a singer. In the still cut, Nam Taehyun shows off his good-looking visuals in a school uniform.

Nam Taehyun was praised for always poring over the script so as to perfectly immerse himself in the role of “Jidan” despite filming outdoors. Anticipation is rising as he will be showing various charms such as a jobless youth, a part-time worker at a noraebang, and a superstar with his earnest character analysis and passion for acting.

“Girl of 0AM” is a fantasy romantic-comedy music drama about the events that unfold at a noraebang/karaoke that the main character Jidan coincidentally starts managing and it will start airing on the 4th at 6PM. Episodes 1 to 4 will be broadcasted back to back on the channel MBCevery1 on the 7th.

Source: topstarnews