[Thoughts on challenging yourself in acting?]

Taehyun: I took acting lessons from when I was a trainee because
I felt that the job of an actor would be a beneficial merit
and I love movies

I felt lucky to receive this opportunity and
truthfully, I was slightly nervous in the beginning

I felt like the same butterflies I felt when I became a singer came back

[Introduce Jidan]

Taehyun: I felt like he was very similar to me
When you receive the script for the first time, there’s a character description.
When I read that, I thought, “This is me”

You could say the character overlaps how I am in my daily life
So even when I act, I acted comfortably since he’s so similar to me,
I didn’t have to alter my speech
Let’s just say Gong Jidan is Nam Taehyun


Source: tv navercast
Translations by: @chrissy96_