“WINNER” 1st Album, how much did you listen to it? … “I’m just Different”

It is the height of the generation of “Fast Music”. It is quite difficult to find albums that you wish to possess and title tracks that are barely known disappear from music charts in a flash. The reality is that not one out of the countless songs we hear every day stays in our hearts for a long time and is never forgotten. StyleM took this opportunity to find masterpieces in albums that made them go “It’s too regrettable for this song to be forgotten!”

 [Finding Hidden Masterpieces <2> Sweet guitar melody added with relatable lyrics… 8th track “Different”

YG’s ambitious work, WINNER’s First Album [2014 S/S]

In 2013, YG Entertainment revealed the project “WIN: Who Is Next” to choose the first rookie boy group in 8 years after Big Bang.

The YG trainees, who were split into Team A and Team B, showcased a fierce competition while fully displaying all their skills. Team A (Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seunghoon, Song Mino, Nam Taehyun, and Kim Jinwoo) became the WINNER and confirmed their debut as “WINNER”.

Around 10 months later, WINNER’s debut album, “2014 S/S” was released in the music industry. Other than the title tracks “Empty” and “Color Ring”, the side tracks of the album lined up the music charts as well and WINNER was crowned 1st place in a number of music shows, established their successful debut.

Along with appraisal such as “YG’s Ambitious Work” and “Monster Rookie Group”, WINNER swept up rookie awards at the year-end award ceremonies and proved their popularity. As a rookie group, they set an unprecedented record and received love not only from their fans but also from the public. We looked for the hidden masterpiece of WINNER.

 A sweet confession of a bad boy, 8th track “Different”

 “I’m just different I’m different from the man you want
I’m just different I can’t be a nice man
You might get hurt because of me
I’m just different but please don’t leave me
Even though I’m such a bad guy”
– (WINNER “Different” Lyrics)

 As much as the long time it took WINNER to release their first album after winning on “WIN”, the degree of completion was high. Especially as all members of WINNER took part in the production of their album, they were acknowledged of not only their singing and rapping skills but also their composition and lyrics writing skills.

Different”, the 8th track is an song that can be listened to without awkwardness due to the combination of the sweet guitar melody and the members’ voices. The song prompts empathy especially due to the lyrics containing a regrettable man’s honest thoughts towards how he cannot treat his significant other well.

At the end of the song, Song Mino, the rapper of the group, sings and his vocals captures the ears. Before, through “I’m Him”, the 4th track, Song Mino showcases strong rapping while he displays his sweet vocal skills in “Different” which sparks another point of enjoyment for the fans.

Without a doubt, WINNER’s “Different” is picked as one of the hidden masterpieces as it embodies WINNER’s versatile charms. “Different” is recommended for those who are troubled over relationships that isn’t working out well and to those who want to recharge themselves with warm emotions on a spring day.

Source: naver
Translations by: @chrissy96