Nam Taehyun of WINNER, Acting debut project, “Girl of 0AM” Photo on set revealed, “Genuine”

Still cuts from upcoming MBCevery1 webdrama, “Girl of 0AM” (written by Yoon Sunhee; directed by Lee Chulmin), which has been gaining attention for it being Nam Taehyun of boy group Winner’s acting debut project, has been revealed.

The still cuts that have been revealed on the 17th show Nam Taehyun’s consistent thoughtfulness towards his role on the filming set. Despite it being his first challenge in acting, the way he discusses the script with the director seem very similar to that of other professional actors, which triggers interest.

The production crew of “Girl of 0AM” stated, “Nam Taehyun, who is challenging himself in acting for the first time, perfectly transformed into the main character role of Gong Jidan and surprised us. His method of seriously immersing himself into his special talents and acting brought forth the admiration of the director and the staff on set”.

“Girl of 0AM” is the first webdrama MBCevery1 is attempting and it is a fantasy romantic-comedy music drama about the events that unfold at a noraebang/karaoke that the main character Jidan coincidentally starts managing. It will be revealed on the portal from May 4th and continue for two weeks. Then it will be broadcasted on MBCevery1 from May 7th to May 14th at 6PM each night.


Source: naver
Translations by: @chrissy96_