YG KPlus, CJ E&M: Webdrama “We Broke Up” Collaboration Project…
Sandara Park, Kang Seungyoon, and Others Casted

YG KPlus, the fashion total model company, and Story Plant of CJ E&M announced the start of their official collaboration in media business with a webdrama.

YG KPlus revealed the eye-catching confirmed casting for the webdrama, “We Broke Up”, consisting of Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon of YG Entertainment and Kang Seunghyun and Jang Kiyong of YG KPlus. They also announced that official production will start soon.

Director Kim Yong-wan, who recently co-directed the hit webdrama, “Love Cells”, will helm this music romance webdrama, “We Broke Up”, a peculiar house-sharing story of a man and a woman who broke up but are put in a situation where they have to live together and will contain the conflict between these ex-lovers, common strifes of the younger generation today, and the love story that follows.

In the drama, Sandara Park will portray the role of Noh Woori, a job applicant who brightly fights her way through the complicated situation of having to live together with her ex-boyfriend while worrying about getting employed. Kang Seungyoon received the role of Ji Wonyoung, the vocalist of an indie band who accepts any overnight part-time jobs while struggling for his band and music.

Worldwide top model, Kang Seunghyun will play a confident career woman who has discerning perception combined with striking beauty and is the head of the planning department at the nation’s best recording agency. Top model and actor, Jang Kiyong, will act as Seo Hyunwoo, the prudent vocalist of “Rowing”, the rival band of Wonyoung (Kang Seungyoon), who likes Woori (Sandara Park).

A representative of YG KPlus stated, “This drama is not just a simple love story. It faces the common conflicts of today’s generation of youths regarding unemployment and the ordinary causes of distress. As much as the immense attention of the public towards the best production crew and cast, we will do our best to surpass the high expectations”.

Meanwhile, music romance webdrama, “We Broke Up” is planning to be broadcasted at the start of June.

Source: osen
Translations by: @chrissy96_