Nam Taehyun of boy group WINNER, who is challenging himself in acting, and actress Seo Minji display their sweet chemistry through the teaser photo.

On the morning of the 8th, MBCevery1 revealed the teaser photo of webdrama “Girl of 0AM”. In the photo, the male lead, Gong Jidan (Nam Taehyun) and female lead, Min Sera (Seo Minji) affectionately pose together.

The MBCevery1 webdrama “Girl of 0AM”, which will be broadcasted in May through MBCevery1 and a portal, is a fantasy romantic comedy music drama about the events that unfold at the noraebang/karaoke that the main character, Gong Jidan, coincidentally starts managing. The story will be about the fantastical story between Gong Jidan, who dreams to be a superstar, and Min Sera, the part-time worker who helps him.

In the newly released photo, Nam Taehyun and Seo Minji shyly express their feelings for each other underneath the teasing atmosphere. Curiosity arises towards the romance these two will show as they seem to be looking at each other but also not looking at each other.

A representative of the drama stated, “On the day for this shoot, Nam Taehyun and Seo Minji expressed their characters’ chemistry naturally as they smiled whenever their eyes met. It seems safe to tell the public to prepare themselves for the appearance of the new romantic-comedy-queen and romantic-comedy-king”.

Meanwhile, all filming for “Girl of 0AM” has ended and the webdrama will begin airing in the beginning of May.

Source: asiatoday
Translations by: @chrissy96_