Cha Seungwon: Food deliveries are not permitted in this house. Remember this.

[Romantic Situation Comedy Yogiyo House]

Soohyun: Do you think we can live without chicken?

Narrator: The house of everyone’s dreams, Yogiyo house.

Yoo Inna: You want to delivery food too…

Narrator: The war of food deliveries between the energetic youths.

Cha Seungwon: I… trusted you all

Narrator: The salivating romantic comedy situation will begin

Cha Seungwon: …45 lunchboxes! According to the rule, you are all-

Choi Jiwoo: This will satisfy you

Narrator: Yogiyo house, coming soon

Cha Seungwon: This is the taste you can’t make at home

Narrator: Please download now

Translations by: @chrissy96_