“Girl of 0AM” Nam Taehyun “Acting debut, honor to take part in a good project with seniors”

Nam Taehyun of boy group, WINNER, expressed his “honor” towards his acting debut through MBCevery1 webdrama, “Girl of 0AM”.

MBCevery1 revealed the script reading for “Girl of 0AM” on the 2nd. “Girl of 0AM” is about the main character, Gong Jidan, who dreams to be a superstar, receives the opportunity to mature as a singer when he coincidentally starts running a noraebang/karaoke. This music drama is gaining interest as it will be the first webdrama that will be broadcasted on MBCevery1 and Nam Taehyun of Winner’s acting debut.

Prior to the start of the script reading, Nam Taehyun, the male lead stated, “It is such an honor that I received the lead role for the first time and I will work hard to take part in the creation of a good project with the seniors”. Seo Minji stated, “While reading the script, I thought that the character, Sera, was very charming. I will film enjoyably”.

As the script reading started, Nam Taehyun (role of Gong Jidan) and Seo Minji (role of Sera) immediately immersed themselves into their roles and led the script reading. It has been said that thanks to impromptu ad-libs by Son Jinyoung (role of Kwangchul), Kwon Hyuksoo, Choi Changyeob, and others created a harmonious atmosphere.

The production crew that witnessed the script reading raised the anticipation by saying, “We think the drama will be much more amusing than the script itself as we watch the actors read the script”. Cameras are rolling for “Girl of 0AM” and it is expected to be broadcasted through MBCevery1 and through a portal.

Source: naver
Translations by: @chrissy96_