Do leaders have something different in their genes? He is certainly different. This is something that is being said after seeing Kang Seungyoon, leader of WINNER, met with fans at their first domestic fan meeting. While the other members emphasized their love and skinship for the fans, he looked towards a far-off destination.

On the 31st of last month, at Seoul Songpa-gu Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, WINNER held “WWIC(Worldwide Inner Circle Conference) 2015” (from here-on-forth, WWIC 2015) and met with fans. On this day, 10,000 fans from all over the country including China and Japan packed the stadium.

On this day, the five witty members heated the atmosphere by holding an all live performance for 150 minutes. In addition, through the Q&A and eye contact event, WINNER became one step closer to fans. Just like the members revealed before the event, it was an event that highlighted skinship with fans.

However, there was someone who caught our eye for another reason. It was leader Kang Seungyoon. During a section where WINNER discussed their ambitions and winning points for 2015, he stated, “This year, my goal is to cement WINNER’s musical direction.” His statement starkly contrasted with the other members’ comments such as, “I want to interact with fans like they’re our lovers. I want to get deeper with our fans.”

He continued, “I’m actually a stiff person. It’ll be a year where we converse and change and we’ll meet everyone closely and evolve in a new way.”

Kang Seungyoon’s different remarks followed after this as well. During the Q&A session, he picked CEO Yang Hyunsuk to the question, “The person who gives you the most strength”. He stated, “It was like this during my trainee period, and even now, CEO Yang Hyunsuk’s bitter advice gives me strength. I’m really being serious right now.” He added, “If I have the members and the Inner Circle (fanclub), I can withstand any hard work.”

Kang Seungyoon showed appreciation towards CEO Yang Hyunsuk, the fans, and also the staff who helps prepare stages so WINNER stands out. He gratefully stated, “I’m thankful towards the staff who allowed us to have our first fanmeeting and solo performance at a large place like this. You really worked hard.” and bowed.

A leader who is thankful towards bitter advice instead of praise, his gratitude towards the staff members who works quietly behind the stage instead of on the spectacular stage. His thoughts and actions are different. Although he is only 21 years old, his deep thoughts and soft charisma captivates fans.

On this day, Kang Seungyoon emphasized WINNER’s music and musical direction several times. Although they are receiving a spectacular spotlight, it means that he knows WINNER’s future is music. He’s quiet, but Kang Seungyoon’s heavy leadership shined on this day.

Source: naver
Translation by @fartingflower