Dailymotion playlist


Various Team A Filming in dorm & outside + Kang Buttocks

Mino, Seungyoon & Taehyun singing & dancing to BIGBANG’s Bad Boy

Training Exercise (Military workout)

Rafting Exercise + Cliff Diving

Eating Ramen + Watermelon Game

First Time Shopping as Five

Mino & Taehyun Late Night Shopping + Doll Making

Mino Filming ‘Alery Ggolery’ with Taehyun/Seungyoon

Team A’s First Reveal to the Media

Team A Photoshoot Filming (w/ bits of Team B)

Team A/B Barbeque together

Team A/B Arm-wresting Game + Foot(?) Game from WIN DVD

Mino’s Diary Cam

Seungyoon’s Diary Cam

Hoon’s Diary Cam

Jinwoo’s Diary Cam

Taehyun’s Diary Cam

Mino, Hoon with Team B Diary Cam

Hoon w/ Team B Diary Cam

Alery Ggolery (Black & White ver.)

GO UP (Rehearsal Ver.)

GO UP (Official Live Ver.)

Source: ygwinaonly