[스포츠월드=윤기백 기자] WINNER, a leading boy group produced by YG ENTERTAINMENT is scheduled to release ‘WINNER WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD [GOOD BYE 2014-WELCOMING2015]’ on the 28th of this month.

The DVD consists of two discs: ‘WINNER’S WELCOMING – GOOD BYE 2014 X WELCOMING 2015,’ which was filmed early this year and ‘2014 S/S – BEHIND THE SCENES,’ which features videos related to their debut album released in August last year, ‘2014 S/S.’ ‘WINNER’S WELCOMING – GOOD BYE 2015 X WELCOMING 2015’ includes videos featuring the filming scenes of their season’s greetings for 2015, a small talk show of their own and a simple personality questionnaire of the members.

‘2014 S/S – BEHIND THE SCENES’ has a wide range of videos that shows many aspects of the members, including the film-making video in New York, the behind-the-stage video before their debut, making films for the videos of their songs – EMPTY, COLOR RING, AND I’M HIM – and their choreography in the studio as well as 8 teaser videos released before their debut, raising the expectations of the fans. This DVD also contains the video of their fan-sign meeting, ‘WINNER FAN MEETING EVENT,’ which took place last year after releasing their debut album.

In addition, the DVD comes with a 200-page photo book with the numbering stickers written by the members, a 2015 desk calendar, six sets of postcards, and a New Year’s card with a photo of a randomly assigned WINNER member. The subtitles are offered not only in Korean, but also in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, allowing many fans around the world to enjoy the DVD.

On Jan. 10th, WINNER had a meeting with more than 4,000 fans at Worker’s Gymnasium in Beijing, China. They are scheduled to meet with their Chinese fans at their concert ‘WWIC 2015,’ which will be held at Grand Stage in Shanghai on Jan. 17th and at Bao’an Gymnasium in Shenzhen on Jan. 24th. On the last day of this month, they are going to meet with the Korean fans. The pre-orders for the DVD start on Jan. 16th, and from Jan. 28th, it will be available in both online and offline markets across the nation including YG E-Shop.

WINNER won the New Artist Award under the Digital Album category at the 29th Golden Disc Awards held in Beijing on Jan. 14th, demonstrating their presence as one of the most outstanding new faces this year.

Source: YGLIFE