[TV리포트=김가영 기자] WINNER’s WORLDWIDE INNER CIRCLE CONFERENCE (WWIC) 2015 kicked off in huge success.

According to YG Entertainment on Jan 11, WINNER opened their WWIC 2015 in China Beijing’s Worker’s Gymnasium on Jan 10. 4,000 fans joined them, proving the group’s borderless popularity.

The WWIC 2015 was held in a form of a conference. For the local fans, WINNER members prepared their greetings in Chinese, impressing every one of the fans.

There were sessions to present their past and the future vision, while encouraging audience participation and playing games. Fans were fully satisfied with the contents.

They heated up the fans by showcasing 9 songs like “EMPTY,” “COLOR RING,” and “2014 S/S”, and showcasing two of them in a Chinese version.

The concert was also spotlighted by Chinese social media like Weibo, where fans complimented that the concert was conducted in a very entertaining and fresh way.

After WWIC 2015, WINNER became one of the most-searched words on Weibo, while China’s 4 largest portal sites like Tencent and the largest video-sharing site Youku highlighted WINNER’s performance in the local stadium.

WINNER was personally involved in branding and promotion of WWIC 2015, devoting their passion into the concert. WINNER will be moving on to Shanghai’s Grand Stage on Jan 17, to Bao’an Gymnasium” on Jan 24 to continue on with the WWIC 2015. They will also perform in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena on Jan 31 to meet with the local fans.

Source: YGLIFE