If you see me in 2018, you won’t be able to say what you say now
Guaranteed success

Losers who say I just have a good label, y’all can talk shit
but I forget easy like a goldfish. Fuck ‘em.

I left Brand New, debuted with some soft shit, fucked up
But now I’m here with my skills, from the bottom now I’m turnt up

But you still don’t know the monster behind the concept
It’s good to get it off my chest.

My imagination will soon become reality
Sweep awards

Toddling in front of numerous eyes
I take it off, Rock’ em

They hate my every moment but I don’t care
Judge me all you want, I’m not a business man

They’re all similar, Not me
Because it’s the same stage it’s all the same? Not me

If your mouth is bored, chew me or Bobby
We are born haters
Do it faster, your typing


eecheonshippal nyeondo jjeume nal bomyeon
jigeum ireon mal motal geol bojangdwen seonggong

hwesappariraneun hater deuree yeokgong
nal shibeodaedo baro kkameogeo, bungeocheoreom ppeokkeum

beuraendeu nueseo nawa balladeu debwihago fucked up
shillyeogeuro yeogi wa, na badageseo turn up

geundedo molla na-eh keonsep dwie garin monseuteo
teopteopaenneunde jal ttwaenne

nae sangsangeun got hyeonshiri dwae
sangeul hoepsseureo

georeummareul ssubaekssumani
boneun apeseo ttego Rock ’em

They hate my every moment but I mamdaero pangareum handaedo sanggwani eopsseo
I’m not a business man

da bisutppiseutae Not me
gateun mudaerago gata? Not me

ibi shimshimhamyeon sshipeo nana babi
We are born haters
deo ppalli hae ne taiping


님이 ’18년도 쯤에 날 보면 지금 이런 말 못할 걸
보장된 성공

회사빨이라는 찐따들의 역공
날 씹어대도 바로 까먹어, 붕어처럼. 뻐끔.

블락비에서 나와 발라드 데뷔하고 fucked up.
실력으로 여기 와, 나 바닥에서 털ㄴ업

근데도 몰라 나의 컨셉 뒤에 가린 몬스터
텁텁했는데 잘 됐네

내 상상은 곧 현실이 돼
상을 횝쓸어

걸음마를 수백수만이
보는 앞에서 떼고

They hate my every moment but I 맘대로 판가름 한대도 상관이 없어
I’m not a business man

다 비숫비슷해 Not me
같은 무대라고 같아? Not me

입이 심심하면 씹어
나나 바비

We are born haters
더 빨리 해 네 타이핑

Translations by: tim, chrissy96_
Romanizations by: With_WINNER