A korean folktale where one sister works hard and the other sister orders her around, there is a group just like that? That group is WINNER!! Whenever theres a mission everyone doesn’t want to do, the other four members make Mino do it.

Hoon: Do a cute dance version of empty
Hoon, Seungyoon, Taehyun, Jinwoo: Mino, Mino, you do it first!!
Taehyun: Act like the carbonated drink that was in your teaser
Mino: *does it*

Mino: Stop it! you said you won’t do this!
-Whatever Mino says no to, the other members make him do it

Taehyun: Mino brought ¥20,000 to buy shoes but I’m going to say I thought it was ¥1000 but it turned out to be ¥10,000

-The members love to bully Mino

– Mino receives a very unique form of love from his members and will forever be tortured

Mino = nice daughter
Seungyoon, Taehyun, Jinwoo = bad daughters
Hoon = bad mom

Pororo (popular cartoon for children) has a cute appearance but he’s very influential in the village he lives in

Hoon actually holds the real power in winner despite his cute face – pushing aside leader Seungyoon and eldest Jinwoo

Fans made a nickname for him
실세(influential person/actual power) [sil-sae] > influential lee (세리) [sae-ri]

Translations all by: Chrissy96_

Video source: WinnerATM