Cut-out from the article about Winner:

“As one might guess, Winner are the group that edged ahead of iKon on 2013’s WIN survival show. As we mentioned in their first North American interview, they are distinguished not just in YG, but in all of pop music as an exceptionally hands-on boy band. Rapper Lee Seunghoon provides brilliantly artful choreography for the group, while rapper Song Minho and vocalists Nam Taehyun and Kang Seungyoon all frequently compose and produce their own songs. Completed by the well-rounded vocalist Kim Jinwoo, the group boasts a kaleidoscopic sound that portrays the members’ guiding passions for rock, folk, rap, and house music.

“The way to become a trainee differs from person to person,” says Seungyoon, frontman, speaking of the intensive tutelage most Korean stars receive from their labels before debuting to the public. “For instance, I became a trainee at YG after my name became well­-known through a reality TV audition program [called Superstar K], and then got the call. Seunghoon also came to YG after appearing on [K-Pop Star,] a reality TV audition program. Jinwoo came to YG through a private audition, and Taehyun and Minho were both scouted while trainees at other entertainment companies.”

Their debut, 2014 S/S, is one of the strongest pop albums out of Asia this year, and Winner remains one of the most exciting groups in Korea for the massive potential that comes with their rare talents. As part of one of the most artful promotional roll-outs ever staged for an album, even the music in their teaser videos topped most other groups’ best efforts this year.”

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