1. There’s a lot of wordplays.
2. Wordplay #1: “You just pick your nose” sounds like “You just multiply” basically meaning he knows division but others only know multiplication.
3. Wordplay #2: “Vision” or ‘sight’ sounds like “skills”.
4. Wordplay #3: His usage of the word “kind” sounds like “Dooly” (a cartoon character‘s catchphrase). The line “You think I’m Dooly” also sounds like “You think I’m two people”.
5. Merong is an onomatopoeia to stick your tongue out.
6. Wordplay #4: the word for “beginnings” sounds like “candle thread”.
7. Inkigayo is a music show where popular songs are played/performed.
8. Wordplay #5: “A man” reiterates to “Amen” which is related to death and the preceding line “You’re already a dead man”
9. Wordplay #6: “Screw off, Don’t like it”, the “like” refers to the “Like” buttons in social medias like Facebook, Instagram.


Everyday I just do addition and I don’t see you, not even a glimpse
I divide too but you just pick your nose
Look at me, as expected whatever I do, I’m a Winner
Forehead flick, screw off, don’t like it
I only grow bigger by the ship, my dreams and wealth
Engrave the time of the WIN battle
My beginnings is a candle in my room
A vision that’s higher than my vision
That’s the reason for my growth
Rather than swears, my tongue is out first, merong
Because I’m always kind, you think I’m Doolli?
When I tell you to go, just go, I’m letting it go
I’m in Inkigayo, we’re facing each other
You’re already a dead man Bye-yo


nan maennal tteohagimanhago neon anboyeo koppaegi
nan nanugido haneunde neon geunyang kopaji
i kkoreul jjom bwa yeokshi mwolhaedo nan wineo
ttakppam kkeojeo byeollo
keojeoman ga baero naui kkumgwa jaemul
winbaeteulttaereul ssaegyeo chosimeun naebangui kaendeul
naeshiryeokppoda nopeun vision
geuge seongjangee reason
yokppoda hyeoga meonjeo nawa merong
jakku houireul ppepunikka dulliinjulana
gashirago halttae gayo bwajujana
I’m in inkigayo uri majuhajana
baro gollogajana
A man bye


난 맨날 더하기만하고 넌 안보여 코빼기
난 나누기도 하는데 넌 그냥 코파지
이 꼴을 좀 봐 역시 뭘해도 난 위너
딱밤 꺼져 별로
커져만 가 배로 나의 꿈과 재물
윈배틀때를 새겨 초심은 내방의 캔들
내시력보다 높은 vision
그게 성장의 reason
욕보다 혀가 먼저 나와 메롱
자꾸 호의를 베푸니까 둘리 인줄 아나
가시라고 할때 가요 봐주잖아
I’m 인기가요 우리 마주하잖아
바로 골로가요
A man Bye


Translations by: timthemolecule, chrissy96_
Romanizations by: With_WINNER