Whew. This was a doozy to collect. But yes, as requested here is a list of WINNER fansites or significant persons who share pictures and videos of WINNER members. In the following lists/fansites, there are some who are idle (which means they are currently not open yet or may be inactive), rest (meaning they are taking a rest from taking pics/videos) but most are pretty active. There’s actually more fansites than this but there are some who just take pics once in a while or some that are just casual fans. Anyway, I’ve hyperlinked to their Twitter accounts and you should be able to find and join their website (if they have one). Some fansites don’t have their own websites and just simply share on Twitter. Some have their own websites in which you can join (they are free) and here is a tutorial on how to join them.

By the way, they are in no specific order. I just simply copy & paste from my secret list. fu fu ㅎㅎ ♥


2-Member Fansites