Winner couldn′t hide its excitement to meet fans from around the world.

On December 3 at around 11:30 AM KST, the Winner members gathered at the press conference for the2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2014 MAMA) at the AWE in Hong Kong in front of CNN, AFP, Reuters, and many more news outlets from around the world.

[2014 MAMA] Winner Expresses Excitement to Greet Fans From Around the World at ′2014 MAMA′

“It′s our first time standing on such a huge stage like 2014 MAMA. I saw the stage earlier, and it was very grand,” said Kang Seung Yoon. “I think you can anticipate not just our performances but also the performances of the other artists as well.”

“We′re showing our performance to global fans for the first time. Through the 2014 MAMA stage, we hope to show a Winner-like image to all the global fans,” added Kang Seung Yoon. “Not just Winner, but we′ll also try to help to advance Kpop, so look forward to it.”

MAMA began in 1999 as the Mnet Video Music Awards. It was later changed to MAMA in 2009 and has been broadcasted to ten different countries. Previously held in Macao, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the 2013 MAMA had more than 24 billion people watching the ceremony. Jackie Chan, Aaron Kwon, Wang Lee Hom, as well as Stevie Wonder, Dre. Dre, Snoop Lion,, and many artists from around the world have also participated on the grand stage, allowing it to become a music festival for all to enjoy.

Photo Credit: CJ E&M

Source : MWave