“Sometimes I want to go back to when I was young with all the knowledge that I have right now. But then I realize this is a foolish idea. Because if things happened like this, I would have never experienced all the processes that made me who I am now.” – Seungyoon Note 141124

B3W1kBuCcAEc_pE “Opportunity comes to anyone. The reason why disparity exists in this world is because there are people who recognize opportunity and there are people who don’t and lets it go.” – Seungyoon Note 141125


“Love and loneliness are partners in a feud.”

(on radio) “We love because we’re lonely and we become lonely because of love. Expecting as much love as you give, and not getting it causes loneliness. There is love that can’t be touched by the bad hand of loneliness. Everyone, when you love, rarther than expecting love, try and give love.” – Seungyoon Note 141126


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There is no one that is more unhappy than me.
There are people that are more unhappy than me.
There is a small difference between unhappiness and happiness.
If you think about, unhappiness soon becomes happiness.
Seungyoon Note 141127

Source: blonotebyblo
Translations by: timthemolecule, TeamAtheWINNER, chrissy96_