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MBC Mini is an application for streaming MBC Radio. Tablo’s Dreaming Radio can be stream through this application! This is a simple tutorials on how to navigate through MBC Mini application.

First, we need to download the app. This application is downloadable through this MBC Mini Website.

So,what you need to look for when you’ve arrived in the homepage is this box:

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Choose one of the link box according to your devices. And it will brings you to the download page. For PC, once you clicked the box it will automatically download the installer to your PC.

Once you’ve downloaded the MBC Mini application on your mobile devices, open it and it will lead you to this page:


This application automatically start to stream once it’s opened. What do you have to do next is click on the symbols that shown on the picture below:


And it will show you the side-bar!


According to the schedules shown below (You can find it on iMBC Website), Tablo’s Dreaming Radio (타블로와 꿈꾸는 라디오) will be airing on 22.00 PM KST on MBC FM4U.

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So from the sidebar, click on the MBC FM4U. And that’s all! All you need to do is just press Play (▻) and it will starts streaming according to the schedules!

This is the example of the streaming:


That’s all for how to stream via mobile devices.

Streaming via Website is available too for PC. Visit iMBC Website.

And look for this box on the website.

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Streaming via Website is easy. You just need to click on the FM4U and then press Play! That is all :D

Hope this tutorial helps!