Winner, “IKon, who will debut soon, is like our reflection on a mirror. They stimulate us.”

Winner has opened the champagne. They have started their own party that congratulates their achievements during 2014, the year when they ran without rest.

We held a photoshoot with the concept “The End-of-the-year Party of Men” with the idol group, Winner, for the December issue of the “THE STAR”, a combination of stars and style. Through the photoshoot, Winner displayed a confidence unlike rookies and comic charms. They simply held ramyun but their facial expressions and tilt of their fingers oozed sexiness.

Winner talked about their thoughts on debuting after a long trainee period in 2014 after the photoshoot. Winner stated, “Our first album contained many lyrical and sensible songs but we’re working on songs that are more energetic and have strong feelings right now. We only just finished our promotions for our first album. We still have a lot of time left to be onstage.”

We asked the the question, “iKON will debut soon, are you nervous?” which they replied with, “They stimulate us. Every time we see them we feel like looking at Winner’s reflection on a mirror.”

We asked them, “You are all at the age of hot young bloodedness, what kind of fantasies do you have towards dating?” Each member replied with, “Trip to the Maldives, trip to Sapporo, spontaneous trips, penniless trips, etc.,” arousing laughters at the photoshoot set.

The homepage of “THE STAR” will soon host the photoshoot, interview, and behind the scenes video of Winner’s unique humour and sophisticated charms.

Kim Jinwoo’s Interview Part on The Star Magazine

Kim Jinwoo, the gambler on stage.


“Even though I am the mahthyung (Eldest Hyung), I depend on my members at times. So some people call me maht-nae (combination of mahthyung and maknae (youngest)). My image on broadcast is who I am. It’s not that I try to look innocent, I have a side of me that is a bit slow. I tried to prepare myself for variety programs in many ways but whenever I tried to do it on broadcast, my mouth wouldn’t open. We’ve been promoting a lot in both Korea and Japan. I dream of being a singer who promotes around the world. If the opportunity arises I wish to challenge myself in acting as well. Just give me the genre and outline, I have the confidence to do well.

Translations by : @chrissy96_

Image Source : Qoo10 KPOP and The Star Magazine