The name of this baby
who is clenching its fist is ‘Do Yool’.
This boy has only been 5 months.
He is waiting for his adoption in Korea.


This baby who has a bright smile like an angel
is called ‘Ji Hoon’.
He is only 4 months.
He is waiting for a warm parent.

And guess whose chest both babies that are smiling happily are at.

They are….



‘WINNER’ has become two babies’ fathers. They have participated in ‘Letter from Angels’. ‘Letter from Angels’ is a campaign which is held for encouraging domestic adoption by photographer Cho Sei Hon (Icon Studio). It has already been 12 years since it has been held.
Many stars participate in ‘Letter from Angels’ every year. Lee Seo Jin, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Gwang Soo, Bong Tae Kyu, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Ha Suk Jin, Kang Nam, Yoo Yeun Suk participated this year other than ‘WINNER’. ‘Dispatch’ has filmed ‘WINNER’s shooting scene among them. We met WINNER at Icon Studio in Nonhyun-dong Seoul on 10th. We release that warm moment right now!


Is this why they are called ‘baby-lover idol’? They got disarmed right in front of Ji Hoon and Do Yool. They started to commute with them. They became ‘elementary’ baby-lovers by calling babies’ names and making eye-contact with them. “When they entered the studio, they found babies. They greeted brightly and held babies in their chest. They showed interest in them by asking names and ages. It was unfamiliar but was warm scenery.” (Representative Hwang Na Ri)


 “Ji Hoon, peekaboo~” (Nam Taehyun)


“Our cute baby~” (Kang Seungyoon)


We could see images of a novice father. They were careful with their touches and cared in order not to make the baby uncomfortable. “Almost every member had their first time holding a baby. They took care a lot and got cautious. Due to their kind mind, the shooting set mood got more heartwarming.”


“Ji Hoon, aren’t you cold?” (Nam Tae Hyun)


“Letter from Angels’ started earnestly. WINNER posed with the baby at the sign of the photographer Cho Sei Hon. Ji Hoon gave a bright smile this time.How can they say they are elementary fathers? They smiled brightly by holding babies in their chest. They succeeded in communing with stable postures. Besides, their lovely eyes were a bonus.


“Isn’t Ji Hoon so cute?” (Kang Seung Yoon)


“Ohh~ my baby~”(Nam Tae Hyun)


“Ji Hoon, let’s do monitoring”


Who was the best father this day? It was Nam Taehyun and Kim Jinwoo. Especially, Kim Jinwoo didn’t get astonished at the baby peeing, but cleaned it up. He got a round of applause from staffs. “Members were all full of affection towards every baby. But the reason why we picked Kim Jinwoo as the best father is that he didn’t get astonished even when the baby peed. He will become a good father.” At that moment,


“Shall we make eye contact with our eyes?” (Kim Jinwoo)


“This is daddy’s dimple~”


“Do Yool, are you excited?”


“This is not food~”


“Oh, he peed~”


 “This photo shooting was a special time for WINNER too. They couldn’t leave the place although the shooting was finished. They conveyed gratitude to both angels that gave them a precious memory.”


Do Yool, don’t forget about me~”


“I won’t forget about you too”


“I have you inside my phone~


 Lastly, WINNER left letters to Ji Hoon and Do Yool. They wrote letters in handwriting. They wrote letter by letter down carefully with serious expressions


“To. Handsome Do Yool” (Kim Jinwoo)


“I was so happy ♥”


“Let’s meet with WINNER again”


Ji Hoon and Do Yool, we love you!
☞ Lastly, these are the letters that WINNER wrote to those angels


“Ji Hoon~ You are so adorable. lol You held hands with me. lol Thank you. lol I hope you meet a great parent and grow up healthily~” (Kim Jin Woo)
“Ji Hoon, please grow up healthily and let’s meet with bright face like today at some time and somewhere! I was so happy to see your smiling face♥” (uncle Lee Seung Hoon)
“I feel happy when I see Ji Hoon’s bright smile~^^ I hope you grow up into a person who makes people bright and happy wherever you go~” (Really really kind Lee Seunghoon)”


I fell into Ji Hoon since you have such a pretty smile and smiles well~ Ji Hoon, I hope that you grow up brightly like you smile now~♡ I hope you remember me!!” (Song Minho)
“Ji Hoon, I was so happy to be with you today although it was short. Thank you for smiling so well to me! I hope you keep on smiling like that forever~!” (Nam Taehyun)”


“I felt so happy that you didn’t cry and chafed at me when I held you. I want to keep on holding Do Yool in my chest since you have clear skinㅠㅠ You didn’t let go of my hands since you had habit of holding onto someone’s hand while you eat! lol I hope you grow up healthily and handsomely! PS. I saw your private parts, Do Yool~! (Song Minho)


Hello, Do Yool? How come you’re so handsome like this?^^ It would be strange when we meet after you grow up. lol I hope you meet good parents and grow up into a great person.” (Kim Jinwoo)
“I hope you grow up into a person who gets loved, Do Yool! Let’s meet with WINNER members after you grow up healthily♥” (Really handsome Lee Seunghoon)
“Do Yool!! I was so happy to meet you today! Thank you so much for grabbing onto my hands tightly~♥ I hope you become a great guy who can hold onto someone’s hands warmly like today when you grow up later. Thank you~♥” (uncle Kang Seungyoon)
“Do Yool! I think God made us meet today~! I hope you grow up smartly and let’s have meal with us later!” (Nam Tae Hyun)


“Real Baby Lovers”

Source: naver starcast