To. Doyul-ie♡

You were so good to not cry once and not getting mad once in my embrace.
I want to hold you forever because you’re skin is so nice ㅠㅠ
Maybe you have a habit of holding on to fingers when you eat meals (food*) that’s why you didn’t let go of my hand?! ㅎㅎ
Grow healthily and prettily!!
P.S Your mom saw your thing~!**

* 맘마 is a baby-talk way to say “food/meal”
** written in a teasing tone

To. Jihoon-ie
Because your smile/laughter is so pretty and because you smile/laugh often, I fell for you, Jihoon~
Grow prettily and brightly just like that smile you’re smiling now, Jihoon~♡
You have to remember Mino-hyung!!!

Doyul-ah!! I was so happy to meet you today!
Thank you so much for holding on to uncle’s fingers so tightly~♥︎
When you grow up I hope you become a cool man who holds someone’s hand warmly like today… Thank you~♥︎
–Uncle Seungyoon–

Jihoon-ah, grow up well and let’s meet again. I hope to see your bright face like today then!!
I was so happy to see Jihoon’s smiling face♥︎
–Uncle Seungyoon–


Doyul-ah~ Hi! Why are you so handsome ^_^
If we meet again it’s going to be so fascinating ㅎㅎ
I hope you meet good parents and grow up well and become an incredible person ㅎㅎ

Jihoon-ah~ You have so much aegyo ㅎㅎ
You even held my hand tightly~ Thank you ㅎㅎ
You have to meet good parents and grow up well ㅎㅎ


Grow up to be a Dayul who is always liked and loved by anyone anywhere!!! Don’t be sick and when you grow up come meet Winner-hyungs again♥︎
–From the really, really cool Seunghoon-hyung

Hyung became happier seeing Jihoon’s bright smile/laughter ^^
I hope you become a cool guy who makes people bright and happy everywhere~♡
–From the really, really nice Seunghoon-hyung


It was fate for us to meet today~!
Grow up well and one day have a meal with hyungs.
-Taehyun-ie hyung–

Jihoon-ah, the time I spent with you
was so short but I enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you for smiling/laughing at me often.
I hope you keep that smile forever~!
–Taehyun-ie hyung–


Source: goduandme5
Translations by: chrissy96_