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Q: WINNER already made a successful debut in Japan.  Do you communicate with them? Who are you keeping an eye on?

Daesung: We don’t really have frequent chances to communicate, but we recently had a YG Family tour so I got to talk with them.  I feel that I don’t need to give any advice to WINNER or Team B because they already have the outstanding skills.  WINNER is really good too.  I keep an eye on JINWOO.  Because I want to experience his face (laughs)  If you have that kind of handsome face, you don’t need to work so hard on things. But he is such a hard worker. I’m always fascinated.  He is a good guy and I want to give him more advice.  By the way I am joking about his looks (that I want to experience it) (laughs)

*omitted non-WINNER info

Source: iamgilbakk
Translations by: mmvvip