Voting Period: October 28 to December 02

– You can only vote ONCE per ID per day (but if you have accounts to Twitter, FB and Email, each account is one vote so you can vote for WINNER 3X a day!)


How to Vote for WINNER on 2014 MAMA!

1. Log-in via Twitter, Facebook or through EMAIL.

2. Go to

3. Vote WINNER for ‘Best New Artist‘. You have to vote for every single category.


4. Vote WINNER for ‘Union Pay Artist of the Year‘ too. Union Pay is the sponsor for 2014 MAMA so it seems to be a big award.

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5. After voting for all categories, click ‘VOTE‘. Then you will receive a ‘Rose’. Click ‘Support your Star‘ to help WINNER to help them GO UP!




– If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Tutorial by: With_WINNER