PARENTS WHO BELIEVED AND WAITED FOR ME, the family that I love(maknae Lee Hee), and if I expressed my life as a mindmap, the person who has the biggest face, YG. Thank you. Also, Yang Min Suk director who helped Winner to start, Hwang Bokyung director, Choi Sungjoong director, strong Lee Kyunghee director, Oh Dongwong director, Jung Chiyoung director, Jinu director, Sean director, general manager Park Hyunpyo, and now I don’t know if she’s coworker or sister, Lee Eunji noona, the people who helped me during my hard trainee period, Hyeji noona, Taerim hyung, Hyunjung noona, Sam noona, thank you. Taehyun teacher who treats it as family not work, Sujin noona, Lee Gajah family, Misook noona, Sharon, Yoomi noona, Meehee noona, MQ hyung who I really miss, hot Busan man Badah hyung, LA man Bigtone, Australia swag Jacob, Chung hyung who takes good pictures, Sungjin who uses his strength to help with Winner’s debut, Midori noona, Kipoom noona, Sunjae hyung, Mijung noona, Junghoon hyung, not just a fashion stylist, but puts on good clothes mentally too, Jieun director, Jaewook hyung who has an undying relationship, and Junghun hyung, Teddy hyung who I admire, the person I annoy a lot Hongil hyung, and Byunghyung hyung who’s always trustful, Seho hyung, Woohyuk hyung, Hwangsabu who helps us to have a musical life, recording room Sungkwon hyung, Jihoon hyung, Kyungjoon hyung, Seungchun hyung who gives us good songs, Wookjin hyung, Sunghwak hyung, AiRPLAY, Robin hyung, Choice hyung, Lydia noona, DP hyung, PK hyung, Winner’s new family, Jisuk hyung, Suzy noona, Gabin director, and the Korean YG staff who I can’t list all the names to, and the Japanese dad that I miss, Nakiyo team leader, Noori noona, Nami noona, YGJapan and AVEX staff, Han director, Eunjong sensei, Ahreum teacher, KPOP Star family who helped to accomidate me with I came to Seoul, YG veteran artists who helped to plant my dreams when I was young, the upright kids who were there in the good times and bad times. And everyone who supported me, the people who voted for me, I won’t forget you. Because of you, I am here and this album was possible. Thank you so much.


Hello. I’m WINNER’s ‘maknae’ Kim Jinwoo! I’m finally putting on the first button of my dream! YG who gave me this big opportunity of ‘YG’, the person I pray with and text everyday, who helps me to not lose my core, my loving Mom, Dad, Heera noona, our Jinhi, thank you! Also, the person who uses his strength for WINNER, Sungjin hyung, Midori noona, Kipoom noona, Hyeyoung noona, and all staff members, 1TYM Danny hyung who helped with the hard trainee period! Saeran noona who helped with hard times, Hyeji noona, Youngjoo noona, Jinkyu hyung, Sam noona, Yoonjung noona, thank you so so much! Yang Min Suk director who helps with Winner with everything, Hwang Bokyung director, Lee Kyunghee board memer, Choi Sungjoong director, Jinu director, Sean director, Oh Dongwong director, Jung Chiyoung director, Jungsoo hyung, the 3 recording room kingka, Kyungjun hyung, Sungkwon hyung, Jihoon hyung, and Hyunjoo noona! Also, Jieun director who took care of me from head to toe, Taehyun teacher, Sujin noona, Misook noona, Yoonkyung teacher, Hyegyung team leader, Joonhee noona, Sharon noona, Yoomi noona, Meehee noona, Gahbin director, Yoon teacher, Nana teacher, Jisuk hyung, Suzy noona, please treat us well in the future too. Bigtone who gave musical lessons, Teddy hyung, DEE.P hyung, Sungchun hyung, Wookjin hyung, Robin Hyung, Q hyung, Sunghwak hyung, Sukjoon hyung, thank you! Pyung Young hyung who is always with Winner, Seho hyung, Woohyuk hyung, and Leekyung director, Park Hyungpo director, Hongil hyung, Namhongee Hyung, Soowan hyung, thank you. Jaewook hyung, Junghyun hyung, Hightech, Crazy, Hwangsabu who takes care of my body, Lee coach, Bae coach, thank you. Nakiyo team leader, Noori noona, Jungjin hyung, Nami noona, and YGJapan, AVex Family! TOP hyung who’s Winner’s mentor, Jiyoung hyung, Youngbae hyung, Daesung hyung, Daesung hyung (this isn’t a typo, he put Daesung twice) Chaerin noona, Dara noona, Bom noona, Minzy. Jang Yong Hyuk director who came to see me all the way from Mokpo to Seoul when I was mentally tired, Hyojong hyung, and Kim Nammi teacher who controlled my emotions! Hankyuri director, Eunjong teacher, Ahreum teacher, thank you! Finally, Winner LeeSeung! SongMin! KangSeung! Namtae! and WINNER’s 6th member Eunji noona who’s always supporting Winner! Thank you so much again. If not for the 5 people, I wouldn’t be here. From now on, I will do my best as WINNER Kim Jinwoo and work hard! To the precious fans who waited a long time for us, I’ll make sure your time wasn’t wasted. Please look at us with interest and expectations! Thank you!

Kang Seungyoon

The person I admire the most in the world, YG, who always pushed and trusted WINNER and made us! Teddy hyung, Choice hyung, DEE.P hyung, Pilkang hyung, Seungchun hyung, Wookjin hyung, Sunghwak hyung, Sukjoon hyung, Lydia noona, Mastawu hyung, Robin hyung, Kyungjoon hyung, Sungkwun hyung, Jihoon hyung, Hyunjoo noona, Hyunjoo noona, Jung hyung, Shin Sung Jin director, Eunji noona, Midori noona, Jeyun hyung, Kipoom hyung, Junwoo hyung, Patrick hyung, Hyeyoung noona and design team family, Hyunpyo director, Namgook hyung, Byungyoung hyung, Seho hyung, Hongil hyung, Jiwoon hyung, Woohyuk hyung, Jieun director and Yoomi noona, Kyungmi noona, Meehee noona, Sharon noona, Lim Hyekyung director, Misook noona, Jooni noona, Yoon Kyung teacher, teacher Taehyun, Sujin noona, Jungsoo hyung, Junghong hyung, Youngsuk hyung, Sunjae hyung, Jungwoon hyung, Mijung noona, Choi Sungjung director, Hwang Bokyung director, Jinu director, Sean director, strong Lee Kyunghee director, Oh Dongwong director, Jung Chiyoung director, Jaewook hyung, Junghyun hyung, Sungmin hyung, Kichul hyung, Byunggon hyung, Doni hyung, Deuki hyung, Potato noona, Hitech & Crazy, Hwangsabu, Youngmi noona, Youngmi noona, Yoonjung noona, Leera noona, WIN & WINNERTV staff, Lee Junwon director, Lim Chan team leader, Saeran noona, Boyoung noona, Jingyu hyung, Yoonjung noona, Sam noona, Hyeji noona, Hyungji noona, Taerim hyung, fan team noonas, Chae Wonsuk teacher, Eunjong teacher, Youngster hyung, Jacob hyung, Yeorin noona, Jisuk hyung, Suzy noona, and our new style team family, Gabin director, Nana teacher, Yoon teacher, Kim Sangho director, Minhee noona+ media team family, Suh Hyunseung PD, Hansamin PD, Hwangyuri team leader, Chunhyung, Donguri noona, Sweet Potato PD, YG Japan Sunmi CEO, Nagiyo team leader, Jungjin hyung, Noori noona, Nami noona, Eunjae noona, Yoseokae hyung, AVEX family, Park Jinyoung teacher, Lee Hyundo teacher, Yoon Jongshin teacher, TOP hyung, Jiyoung hyung, Yongbae hyung, Daesung hyung, Seungri hyung, CL noona, BOM noona, Dara noona, Minzy, BLO hyung, Tukutz hyung, Thra hyung, PSY hyung, Chanhyuk, Soohyun, HI, and there are so many YG staff members who worked hard for us! I thank each and every person. Also, Hanbin, Jiwon, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Junhwe, Donghyuk, our B Team brothers! If it weren’t for you guys, the current WINNER wouldn’t exist. Thank you so much and I love you.To our loving fans who waited a long time! If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have become WINNER and if you guys didn’t exist, we wouldn’t exist. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Finally, our parents who gave birth to WINNERand our family! To my mom who let me live in this world and the person who loves me most in the world, I thank my mom. Also,our past loves, farewells, struggles, happiness, tears, and sweat, we’re thankful for all of that!


God who is always there for me. YG CEO who accepted me and helped me to grow into a cool person and gave me this opportunity, thank you. I will pay you back! Please look forward to it! My family who always believes in me, I love you. My dongseng, Danah, thank you and I love you. Yang Min Suk director who used a lot of his power, Junwon who helped me to come to YG, Chan team leader, Teddy hyung who tells me a lot of good advice, Choice hyung, Eunji noona who is our mom and sister, that helps us to live correctly, strong new family member Sungjin hyung, Midori noona & Kipoom noona, Hyeji noona I depend on and gave me a lot of help, Hyunjung noona, Taerim hyung, Jinkyu hyung, Hwanbokyung director, Choi Sungjoong director, Oh Dongwong director, Jinu director, Sean director and YG Staff! You always work hard. Nakiho team leader, Jungjin hyung, Nami noona, Noori noona, Eun director who taught us style and etc, Misook noona who was with us starting from WIN, Sharon noona, Hongil hyung, Jihoon hyung, Namhong hyung, Jisuk hyung who makes us cool, Suzy noona, Gabin director, Yoon teacher, Nana teacher, Jung Chiyoung director, cool Lee Kyunghee director, Park Hyunpyo director, Byungyoung hyung, Seho hyung, Woohyuk hyung, fighting in the future! Hwangsabu who takes care of our health and body, Kyungjun hyung who suffers with us everyday, Sungkwon hyung, Jihoon hyung, Hyunjoo noona, Seungchun hyung who always helps us and gives us a lot of advice, Wookjin hyung, TONE hyung, Sukjun hyung, Sunghwak hyung, Robin hyung, Pilkang hyung, DEE.P hyung, Jaewook hyung, Junghun hyung, Hightech & Crazy noonas & hyungs, Big Bang brothers who gave us good advice and good opportunities, 2NE1 who treated us like dongsengs, thank you.(Thanks to Chaerin noona, I gained a lot of confidence. Thank you noona). Ahreum teacher, Eunjung sensi, thank you very much. Youngster hyung, Jacob hyung,Haneul noona, Sungjae hyung, my dongseng Gunhe! Let’s be a proud Song kids! Uncles, aunts, and grandmother, I love you! The pastor at Sungmin Church, the pastor’s wife and family, especially Chanmi noona, Stella team leader, thank you so much. Hyuntae, I love you. Gunil, Daesun, Joohyun, Sonhyu hyungs, I depend on you a lot. Magic Psymo, Yoonjung noona who’s loved me a lot since WIN, Youngmi noona, Leera noona, WINNERTV’s hyungs and noonas, PDs, Lydia noona, Marshall hyung, THANK YOU! Team B friends who helped me to realize the biggest burning passion in my life, B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, I love you! (Bobby, let’s do cool hip hop together!) People who help me behind the scenes, I’ll repay you! Thank you. Also, our precious fans who waited a long time, members who were by my side, thank you so much. I love you!

Nam Taehyun

First off, my eternal role model and mentor who accepted me into this place called YG! YG Ceo, I sincerely thank you. My parents who brought me into this world that I love very much, my grandmother who raised me, my one and only dongseng Donghyun who always followed his hyung, Chan hyung who first found me and lead me, Youngkyun hyung, Yang Min Suk director who I’m always thankful towards, Hwang Bokyung director, Lee Kyunghee director, Choi Sungjun director, Oh Dongwon director, Jung Chiyoung director, Jinu director, Sean director, Eunji noona who was probably my sister in my previous life, Hyunjung noona, Hyeji noona, Saeran noona, Saemi noona, Misook noona, Lee Joonwon director who’s always strong, Taerim hyung, Jinkyu hyung, Youngdong hyung, Junghun hyung, Kim Nami teacher who always grabs me when I’m unstable, Yoonjung writer, Robin hyung who I share my precious music with, Sunghwak hyung, Sukjoon hyung, Wookjin hyung, Sungchun hyung, Sungkwon hyung, Jiwoon hyung, Teddy hyung, Lydia noona, Bigtone hyung, Hyunjoo noona, Choice hyung, Pilkang hyung, Kyunjun hyung, Youngbae hyung who always shows us a lot of things and is a motivator, Jiyoung hyung, TOP hyung, Daesung hyung, Seungri hyung, Chaerin noona, Dara noona, Bom noona, Minzy noona, Jieun director who made me, Taehyun teacher, Sujin teacher, Jisuk hyung, Suzy noona, Gabin teacher, Yoon teacher, Nana teacher, Han Kyuri director, Kyungmee noona, Yoomi noona, Sharon noona, JDZ Chung hyung, Saboo teacher, Junghun hyung, Bae coach, Noreesang, Sungjin hyung who works day and night to make Winner the best, Midori noona, Kipoom noona, Hyeyoung noona, Junwoo hyung, Sunjae hyung, Mijung noona, Junghoon hyung, Jaewook hyung, all YG staff members, Nagiyo team leader, Nami noona, Noori noona, Jungjin hyung, Eunjae noona, Yoseuke hyung, YG Japan, AVEX staff members, Park Hunpo director who looks over us, Byungun hyung, Saeho hyung, Woohyuk hyung, Jihoon hyung, Hongil hyung, Namhong hyung, Suh Hyun Sung PD, and Lee Hanboo team leader. Jandi noona, Jun Hyesoo noona, Kim Bong hyung, Hong Dongwoo, Yoon Sungjin, Kim Yepo, Kim Haneul, Song Joohee, Yang Jiwon, Lim Hyung Mook, Lee Jae Hyuk, Ahn Jee Hoon, Lee Tae Hwan, Kim Oong, Jung Il Hoon, Sim Jae Hoon, Park Joon Suk, Kim Yae Sori, Lira writer, Kang Hyungmee writer, Gichul hyung, Hyunchul hyung, Baro hyung, K hyung, Seyoon, Sehyuk hyung, Kim Sungjoo, Jong Hyo hyung, Mingyu hyung, Kunwoo hyung, Woosuk hyung, Soowan hyung, Lim Jung Hwan, Jang Joon Hyuk, Chanmi noona, Hoon hyung, Soomi noona, Sung Kyung teacher, Eunjong sensei, Han director, Hanbin, Jinhwan, Jiwon, Donghyuk, Junhoe, Yunhyeong, Raesung, and fans who are always by my side. My brothers Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, Song Mino, Kang Seungyoon. Brothers! Because everyone was here, we came this far. Thank you so much, and we’ll make cool music and become cooler people to pay you back. Thank you. I love you.

Translations by: timthemine
Source: With_WINNER