WINNER, the real group which born from the huge Korean audition program. They had an epic battle at that time.

Jinwoo: Every time I saw some trainee gone away, my heart hurt really bad. But I think the reason which made us WINNER is because we trust in each other and overcame every obstacle.
Mino: We received a lot of advices from our sunbaenim. The most memorable thing happened at the time I went to Taeyang’s MV set. Taeyang had shot the MV for 3 whole days, yet he didn’t look tired. “I’m doing things I love, why would that be tiring?” he said happily. When I feel difficult I think of that.

Japan album had finally released!

Seungyoon: We made this album with our truest hearts. My favorite song is “Go Up”. We made that song at the final battle of the program, so there were lots of pressures at that time. It’s very important to me.
Hoon: I like “Empty”. I wanted to listen to it again when I finished listen to it the first time.
Taehyun: Mine is “Don’t Flirt”. The lyrics are funny, I’d like people to sing it at Karaoke while eating.
Jinwoo: I like Taehyun’s solo song “Confession”. If you sing it to your girlfriend when you want to confess to her, I think she will be very happy.
Mino: I like my solo song “I’m Him”. The hip hop beat is easy to dance with, and full of power.
Seungyoon: I want to do Japan tour just like BIGBANG sunbaenim!
Taehyun: I want to have lots of experiences even in Japan, and do variety shows, acting, and lots of things.
Hoon: I have two sisters, both of them like Japanese artists very much, they watch their programs and have their photos also. So I want to have children to have my photo in their wallets too.

By the way, how did you think after watching S Cawaii?

Seungyoon: I like hats these days, so I’d like to have a grey hat which has been showed on that.
Mino: Long skirt is cute. Double denim is good too.
Taehyun: Me too! (*he said that in english)

Where will you go for dating?

Taehyun: I like formal events more than dating, so I’d like to go to some fashion parties.
Jinwoo: I’d like to go to a cruise ship party.
Hoon: Camping will be nice. Car driving, BBQ, fishing, and I will make some instant noodles.
Mino: Oh~ same as me! I want to go to countryside.
Seungyoon: I only want to hold my girl’s hand, and walk though places like Shibuya or Harajuku, places that full of people…
Taehyun: Kiss?
Hoon: Will you confess to her?
Seungyoon: I will (laugh). I will sing Taehyun’s solo song!
Taehyun: That will be the best! (laugh)

Translated by Liz @ fy-winner, Scan by xxmi_noxx