Track 9: Born Hater

Quick Notes:

1. Mino is not shading WINNER. When he said ‘soft shit’, the literal translation is ‘ballad’. Mino was referring to when he debuted as a member of B.O.M, a ballad- group back in 2011.

2. “but I forget easy like a goldfish. Fuck’ em” Goldfish or peokeom. peokeom is an onomatopoeia for fish in general because they always open and close their mouths all the time. It alludes to how Mino just did what he was told without thought.

3.  “Yeah, I’m that dog.” Another wordplay, dog or ‘gye’ to his solo ‘I’m Him’.

4. 18 in korean is ‘shippal’ and ‘fuck’ in korean is ‘shibal’. Another wordplay.

5. Turn up (털ㄴ업) , another wordplay for a popular catchphrase from Show Me The Money 3.

6. 6. Mino used hanja (Chinese characters incorporated into Korean language). For example, “Tell me to put out a paw,” “손(手) 해봐” could be heard as “손해(損害) 봐” which makes the line into “you will regret it/it’s your loss”

7. Mino raps in informal register until the line, “Take it.” He adds a layer of irony as he directs these last few lines in formal register to his haters, “Before you talk trash, go look in a mirror. When you see me on TV, be my guest and turn it off”

8. “I’m cool as hell, but you want the heat? Then I’ll give it to you. Take it.” can be turned into “if you ask for a 10 when I have so many 1’s you’ll get a 10” and also “If you wish for so many things from me when I have so much work to do.I can do it perfectly, readyI get pissed off”


If you see me in ’18,
you won’t be able to say what you say now.
Guaranteed success.
Losers who say I just have a good label,
y’all can talk shit
but I forget easy like a goldfish.
Fuck ’em.
I left Block B, debuted with some soft shit, fucked up.
But now I’m here with my skills,
from the bottom now I’m turnt up.
But you still don’t know the monster behind the concept.
It’s good to get it off my chest.
MINO. Huge boy. Yeah, I’m that dog.
Tell me to put out a paw, I’ll slap your face.
I’m a beast riding the beat. This is bestiality.
You try to cut me down, it’s just a clean shave.
I’m cool as hell, but you want the heat?
Then I’ll give it to you. Take it.
Before you talk trash, go look in a mirror.
When you see me on TV, be my guest and turn it off


nimi ‘shippal nyeondo jjeume nal bomyeon
jigeum ireon mal motal geol
bojangdwen seonggong
hwesappariraneun jjinttadeuree yeokgong
nal shibeodaedo baro kkameogeo, bungeocheoreo ppeokkeum
beullakbieseo nawa balladeu debwihago fucked up.
shillyeogeuro yeogi wa, na badageseo teolleop
geundedo molla na-eh keonsep dwie garin monseuteo
teopteopaenneunde jal ttwaenne
MINO. Huge boy. geurae naega gyae
So sonhae bwa ppameul huryeochineun taedo
biteureul meongneun jimseung, igeon sugan
nal kkakka naeryeobwatjja gabyeowojineun nae du bal
ildo maneun naege jakku yeoreul pparamyeon
wanbyeokage haenaeji. jal yeol badayo
walgawalbuhasigi jeone geoulbuteo boshigo
tibie naega naomyeon kkeusideon ga haseyo


님이 ’18년도 쯤에 날 보면
지금 이런 말 못할 걸.
보장된 성공.
회사빨이라는 찐따들의 역공.
날 씹어대도 바로 까먹어, 붕어처럼.
블락비에서 나와 발라드 데뷔하고 fucked up.
실력으로 여기 와, 나 바닥에서 털ㄴ업.
근데도 몰라 나의 컨셉 뒤에 가린 몬스터.
텁텁했는데 잘 됐네
MINO. Huge boy. 그래 내가 걔.
So 손해 봐 빰을 후려치는 태도.
비트를 먹는 짐승, 이건 수간.
날 깎아 내려봤자 가벼워지는 내 두 발.
일도 많은 내게 자꾸 열을 바라면
완벽하게 해내지. 잘 열 받아요.
왈가왈부하시기 전에 거울부터 보시고
티비에 내가 나오면 끄시던 가 하세요

Translations: Tablo (from digital booklet)
Notes by: timthemine, chrissy96, With_WINNER
Romanizations by: With_WINNER