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“It’s nice to meet you, we’re WINNER!”

– Congratulations on your Japan debut. Could you please introduce yourselves one by one?

Seungyoon: I’m WINNER’s leader Seungyoon! My charm points would be my smile and my powerful voice!

– Your Japanese is really good!

Hoon: Seungyoon is the best at speaking Japanese among the members. He can even do the MC all by himself. Oh, and I’m WINNER’s rapper and choreographer Seunghoon. Usually off stage I tend to space out a lot, but once I get up on stage I change!

Jinwoo: I’m the oldest member who has the cutest face and big eyes Jinwoo. (lol)

Mino: I’m WINNER’s Powerful Rapper Mino!

Jinwoo: Mino is also the funniest among the members!

Hoon: We usually tell a lot of jokes together to make the audience laugh. Also Mino is the member who has the darkest skin (he’s the most tanned).

Taehyun: I’m the youngest member in WINNER, Taehyun. I’m known for my eyebrows that look like the character 八. Actually, my eyebrows used to be a complex of mine, but the fans kept telling me that they like my eyebrows, so now I think of them as my charm point.

Hoon: Taehyun has a bit of a mysterious aura to him. Despite being the youngest, he’s in charge of the sexiness in the group.

– You were to describe WINNER’s music and what’s unique for WINNER what word would it be?

Seungyoon: If you were to compare us to colors from white to black, you could say that we’re a group that’s aiming to be the color black (at the top, number 1)

Jinwoo: Seungyoon, you sound so smart!

Seungyoon: It doesn’t matter what color you mix with white because it will ultimately change it’s color anyways, and no matter how many colors you mix together eventually it will become black. Which is why I would want us to become like the color black.

– This also applies to your voices in the variety of of how you compliment each other from high to low notes, and also the different types of musical genres included in your album. You’re a very colorful group. Could you share with us your favorite album track?

Hoon: I like Empty. It’s a song that remains in your ears and makes you want to put it on repeat.

Seungyoon: I’d like to recommend COLOR RING. It’s one of the songs I made. It’s a song about regret, sadness and heartache. So if you ever have a moment when you experience those kind of emotions, I think you’ll be able to relate a lot to this song if you listen to it.

Jinwoo: For me it’s DON’T FLIRT. There’s a part of the lyrics that go “Please don’t look at anyone else like that”. Because I think that if I were to fall in love, I’d actually tell that to my girlfriend.

Mino: Jinwoo is the type who gets jealous. And I recommend LOVE IS A LIE. It’s the most uptempo song on our album, so I’d really like you to listen to it.

Taehyun: CONFESSION. Because it’s my solo (lol). Okay that’s not why. It’s song where you confess to the person you love that you wish them to always stay by your side. It has a very beautiful melody line, which I think that the Japanese audience will like a lot. If possible I’d like this song to be used as an insert song for a love drama.

Changing the topic. I’d like to ask you about your impression of Japan?

Hoon: All kinds of Japanese food is really delicious! I’d like to try the Castella from Nagasaki. I heard that there’s a really famous story that has been in business for over 100 years. So if we ever get the change to go to Nagasaki I’d like to try it out and compare the taste.

Seungyoon: The Unagi bento I ate in Nagoya was really delicious!

Jinwoo: During Big Bang’s Dome Tour there were apples from Aomori provided as refreshments. And I’ve never eaten such a delicious and juicy apple in my life.

Mino: I love Natto! Also I remember when I went to Kawagoe with Seunghoon during WINNERTV and we danced with the grandmas. It was fun!

Taehyun: I love Sapporo. The scenery in Sapporo is very beautiful, so when I get married I’d like to bring my wife there.

– Finally a message to the readers.

Seungyoon: I’d like to thank all our Japanese fans for waiting for our debut for so long. We’ll work really hard to make up for the time that you had to wait and continue to make music that makes you all feel like you’re winners while listening to it. So please, continue to support us from now on as well.

All: Please support us!

Source: 5KI2NE8
Translated by: Isabella at YG_WINNER