“My speciality is imitating Taeyang!!”

Hilarious self-introduction

Seungyoon: First, I would like to introduce our members to you. Taehyun is the type of person who is always cool on stage or in photo, but a person who is actually pretty cute in private.

Taehyun: Look, just like this ♪ (Make cute poses, facing Seungyoon)

Seungyoon: And he has the talent to turn his thoughts into music. His music is easy to get into and something everybody can listen. I was very impressed.

Taehyun: Thanks. Mino is very wild on stage and he can write cool rap lyrics. Despite having an attractive deep voice, his usual actions are cute. Japanese girls may fall in love with that. However, he is so derpy in private, like he always leaves something behind. (laugh) Oh, also, he is very good at imitations!

Mino: For instance, I can imitate BIGBANG member, Taeyang, hosting in Japanese!

Other members: Taeyang! Kya <3

Mino: (In Taeyang’s voice) Everybody, are you ready! Let’s go!

Other members: It’s really similar!

Mino: Alright, let me introduce Seunghoon. He is not only a naturally gifted dancer but also a person that has good taste to make good songs and write beautiful lyrics. Different from stereotypical thoughts, the lyrics created by him is not something you will be able to forget once you listen to them. Now, about Seunghoon’s personality in private…

Hoon: (While making weird face) Heheheheheh.

Mino: He is really awesome for being like this (laugh). I was joking. He is an innocent person and the one who always creates good atmosphere for all of us.

Hoon: Now, let me introduce Jinwoo. If I have to describe him with one sentence, I would say he is an angel! As an eldest member of WINNER with a warm heart, he always helps others more than himself. Also, as you can see, he is so handsome! However, I did not recognize his handsomeness, the first time I met him. Jinwoo had been pretty low-key in the past. But now that he became more confident, there is no doubt that he is a handsome guy.

Jinwoo: Thanks! In my opinion, Seungyoon has a lot of talent which allows him to do just about everything. He is really perfect. He really knows a lot about music and can write music that reflects his thoughts. That is an awesome skill. And about Seungyoon’s private life… (silence)

Seungyoon: You do not have anything good to say about me?

Jinwoo: No, there are! Ah, he smiles all the time. As a leader, he stays strong and positive through the tough times. He is our supporter for our mental health.

“Won on music shows, despite the fact that we have just debuted.

Everyday is like Christmas!

Jinwoo: These days, I am addicted to Japan TV dramas. They are very interesting. It is also a good way for me to learn Japanese. I like “Hero” especially. Kimura Takuya is so cool!

Hoon: I think I am addicted to working out? I have been going to the gym at our company building and doing some trainings for a while. You will see my surprising muscles if I take these clothes off (laugh).

Mino: Although I cannot do it these a days with our busy schedule, if I have time, I will definitely draw something. I use pen or other materials to draw things that I imagine.

Taehyun: I am into things that stimulate my sense of smell, so I have been collecting candles, body shampoos, perfumes and etc.

Hoon: Seungyoon is probably addicted to composing songs, probably. He is already preparing for our next album.

Seungyoon: Uhm, I know it’s boring, but I’m not really into anything aside from song compositions (laugh). I’m very pleased to see our very first album making such an impressive achievements but such records are coming to us as pressure. I want to release our second album as soon as possible. We have just debuted in Korea and Japan, yet we received won on music shows so quickly. Some unbelievable things are happening these a days, so I feel like I’m walking in the clouds.

Hoon: It also gives me Christmas feels. I receive our fans’ loves and gifts everyday. We feel beloved wherever we go, even in Japan. I’m really grateful!

Mino: We started our first Japan tour on September 11th and it’s really exciting for us to go to many places around Japan. Delicious food are the best! Like Motsunabe in Fukuoka, Tebasaki in Nagoya… I wanna eat them right now ♪

Taehyun: I loved the snow in Hokkaido. It’s still September though (laugh).


Confess about your ideal types!

Are Busan guys similar to Kyushu guys?

Hoon: I love being fashionable, so it will be nice to have a fashionable girlfriend. Also, I like girls who dress simply and cutely. About the personality, I will be attracted to someone who has a firm personality and has her own opinion.

Jinwoo: My ideal type is someone who has white skin and a cute face like puppy. I like someone who is not oversized but not too skinny either. I would not like her to wear high heels, because I will look shorter than her. It would be nice if her height is about 165cm.

Seungyoon: My type is very close to that of Seunghoon’s. I like someone who has her own lifestyle and personality. Also, someone who tries her best to do everything, even if she cannot finish the job perfectly. I find those personality very attractive. About the looks… Actually I think the proportion is important, so I will not discuss about the appearances. Girl who has everything equally good is fine.

Mino: It’s funny that I like girls who has sense of humor as same as mine. I’m gonna say that I’m really dumb, so if my girl can be dumb with me together, it must be nice. And if two of us can be dumb limitlessly, I can think about forming a comic duo or some group like that (laugh).

Taehyun: I like someone who has a strong heart and body! I guess I look cool and give an impression to people that I’m a bad boy (laugh). But in fact, I talk a lot. So I like someone who I can talk to easily. I will not control my girlfriend when I’m in love. I think I’m the type of guy who won’t let girls feel difficult to approach.

Translations by: YG_WINNER’s Isabella and Liz

Source: 5KI2NE8