Note: Here to Part 1 (Mino, Taehyun & Jinwoo) of IZE interview


Seungyoon interview

Q: On the talkshow, Naver STarcast, you tend to be a person who adds comments instead of being the one who lead the conversation.

Seungyoon: I think I was born with that personality in the first place. I’m the type of person that steps forward everywhere so I enjoy jumping into conversations. (laughs) Of course, there are times when I say stuff out of kindness for members’ own good. We have been getting interviewed and making TV appearances but I think we are lacking in some aspects. Since I am technically a little bit more experienced than other members in this industry, I tend to rephrase what members say when I feel like there is a possibility for our audience to understand our words differently or negatively from what we intended.

Q: While you were going through those events, did you ever wish you made more TV appearances in Korea?

Seungyoon: It would be awesome if wecan have more chances to meet with our fans. Recently, we are getting less chances to communicate with our fans as we are going through tough schedules after debuting in Korea and Japan simultaneously. Japan tour was schedule way before official debut and our overseas schedules are tight. I sometimes think that it would be nice to take some rest when we come back to Korea but we try our best to catch as many opportunities as possible to make public appearances while we are here. Thta’s why we try to do variety of things, such as fan-signing events or radio shows.

Q: What kind of prgorams do you want to be on?

Seungyoon: Variety shows for sure. But I think at least two members hsould appear together. Mino and Seunghoon paried together would be nice, or Seunghoon with Jinwoo would be funny. Jinwoo’s character is so funny. I know he doesn’t take actoins to be funny purposely but his innocent self is so funny. Seunghoon once said that if Seunghoon and Mino are the ones who continuously jab Jinwoo, Jinwoo is the one who gets rid of them with one punch.

Q: It seems like you guys try to make funny scenes with each other non-stop.

Seungyoon: Since we haven’t spent much time together like BIGBANG seniors, we try our best to make memories whenever we get a chance. I realized how there are commonly asked questions like, “Do you have any stories to share while you were trainees otgether?” or “What happened while you were away to go through the scheduled events overseas?” And we don’t have much. We only practiced together as trainees and we just went through the scheduled events while we were away overseas. Because we don’t have much free tiem to make special memories, we always try to spend good times together within ourselves. For instance, Mino would start us off with aegyo then Seunghoon would add to it by creating funny scenes.

Q: Aside from enjoying yourselves, won’t there be times when you have to talk to each seriously?

Seungyoon: Occasionally, we talk as a group if we get feedbacks from staffs around us on how to improve ourselves as WINNER. For me, I feel more comfortable now than how I felt when I first became a leader on Mnet’s WIN. Back then, I had to take a role as a person who was more experienced to support them, but not anymore because members know how things work in this industry now. Also, I feel less burdensome because I’m not the oldest member although I’m the leader. Oldest member Jinwoo hyun and Seunghoon hyung takes care of everyday life stuff and etc. to the level I won’t have to pay any attention to anything. Thanks to them, I was able to think about what I can contribute to this group as a leader: just trying my best in singing and other stuff. I think that’s my role.

Q: Were members able to grow up as a group as they personally worked in this album?

Seungyoon: I think so in some aspects. Our company’s staffs tried to help us in the beginning. However as we worked on it, they said how it would be necessary for us to get more involved because the album was losing our own style. Our CEO also said, “Are there any sounds you guys made?” when he used to say, “Try recording this song”. Such progress allowed us to “see” how we are preparing ourselves for our own debut. We were worried about the possibility of sounding too much like amateurs when competing against professionals but I’m glad just for the fact that we did it. We’re also thankful for staffs and YG because they were the ones who believed and accepted us.

Q: Maybe that’s more like it because you were able to accomplish so much within a short period.

Seungyoon: But when we look at our accomplishments such as being number two on the Oricon chart or number one onmusic charts, we think less about the fact that we achieved something but about how thankful we should be to the people who believed in us and supported us. In my opinion, because every member think like that, we were able to not lose modestly or slack off but become more humble. Of course, it’s also didn’t really hit us just yet about everything happening these days. Maybe we can realize how we did well if we receive any awards at the end of the year or perform in a concert hall that’s filled to capacity.

Q: Comparing your current self to your pre-debut self, how do you think you changed?

Seungyoon: I’m very conservative and strong-willed. I used to not cooperate if there is something that I believed is right. But after going through numerous different situations and spending time listening to members’ advices. I thought about how I may not always be right. With my wider “tolerance range”, I learned how there are times when I should not intervene. Maybe I’m more matured now? (laughs)

Q: Don’t you think you grew up/matured too fast?

Seungyoon: I matured in some aspects but did not int he other. There were times when hyungs scolded me for being rude or misbehaving. However, I think I definitely could not avoid maturing through social life or work-related experiences. I realize it when I meet childhood friends or people my age for the fact that I know the answer to something they’re stressed about, or think how their thoughts are simply cute. Then I question myself, “Am I really a stuffy youngster?”

Q: You’re not scared of it?

Seungyoon: No, I’m not. I’m more scared of not having the ability to do anything.


Hoon interview

Q. In the Color Ring music video, the scene where you fall into the water was impressive. Wasn’t it scary?

Hoon: It was really scary. After the shooting ended, it was to the point where I cried. At first,
my heart was throbbing. Since the water was 5m deep, the more I fell into the water, it became increasingly difficult. Because of the water pressure, my ears really hurt, I choked a lot of water and I also lacked oxygen. Suffering alone in the early morning was really lonely.

Q. On the other hand, it seems like you don’t have any fears about broadcast. During the Naver Starcast, it seemed like you were the MC.

Hoon: They gave me a script with lots of details. However, the times when I didn’t look at the script and just talked was more natural and our charms came out more. The feeling when the 5 members laugh and talk together normally was portrayed. When I read the script, it felt a little forced. I wondered, “What am I saying right now?” I didn’t feel like I was skilled in the area of MCing. I felt like a baby in the woods. Since we were together, it wasn’t that awkward but if we were with other people, I don’t think I could have done that. I’m very shy.

Q. You summarized and organised situations really well with your comments. Are you like that in person?

Hoon: I’m in charge of organizing in the team. After we eat together, I tend to clean up (laughs).Truthfully, since I’m in charge of choreography and performances, I tend to always watch the members. During rehearsals, I have become used to watching how the members did the motions and figuring out the overall picture. The members jokingly call me the team’s ace but in any team, each member has a speciality. Compared to other people, I do something better and since there are things I know more, I lead in those aspects. To be direct, the members take a long time picking what they want to eat so I choose what we’ll eat in an organised way. Something like, “It’ll be just right if we order two of these and three of that.”

Q. We heard that you’re also specialized in styling.

Hoon: I think, “I’m going to wear simple things but let’s not be boring”. When I look at the entire balance and if it’s too plain, I like to make points to outfits with accessories, a hat, or a pair of shoes. If I were in charge of the team’s styling at one point, I want to make them try on outfits with extremely scandalous and cute themes such as doll masks, plastic clothes, and net/mesh clothing. Although I’ll be sorry for my members.

Q. When you choreograph, what do you emphasize?

Hoon: I’m not the type that dances powerfully and with effort. When I’m done dancing, I don’t have a drop of sweat but I like dances that make you go “wow, that was so cool”. Rather than syncrhonized dancing, I like dancing that is comfortable to look at but not too bored and something that you remember. I made Empty’s choreography thinking that it shouldn’t be too difficult. There are teams that choose to grab both the dancing and singing but even if we give up on dancing, we work to appeal the song more. I mainly worried about “How can I make this part more comfortable for the members so they can sing comfortably?”

Q. Since you were very young, you danced and dreamed of coming into this company. What’s it like now that your dream came true?

Hoon: Standing on one stage with Big Bang is very bewildering and unfamiliar. Ever since I was young, they were my idols but the fact that they are now my fellow artists doesn’t make sense to me. I continue to regard the existence of Big Bang as my idols in my head. I want to become close to them. But rather than getting close to them personally, I want to leave them in my heart preciously. I also feel like Big Bang and our group are not affiliated. If Big Bang is a big corporation, Winner is a small company.

Q. Because of that, it must be more important of what you do from now on.

Hoon: Because we are singers, we want to receive love musically like Big Bang. Other than that, we want to act, be on variety shows, and appear on TV as much we can. We also really want to meet the fans who love and support as much as possible. Stuff like that makes me the happiest. When I see fans, all my exhaustion disappears. Like Big Bang, I want our name to be known worldwide but rather than seeing it as a goal, I think it’ll come naturally as a result of hard work. Right now, I think it’s important to work hard where we are now.

Q. Seeing that you placed 2nd place on the Oricon Chart, it seems that you are somewhat popular overseas.

Hoon: Truthfully, it doesn’t feel real. Since we have the same schedule patterned everyday, it feels like we’re employees who attend a company and we don’t have time to feel like “Ah, we’ve become stars”. It’s just like there’s another schedule tomorrow, there’s an interview, and a shooting, so I’m happy and my heart flutters everyday looking forward to those activities. Maybe I’ll feel the reality of the situation if my mom came to visit me in a Benz or if I went to my house in Busan and see that my family moved to a better house. (laughs)

Q. After debuting and performing, what has changed the most about you?

Hoon: In the beginning, we didn’t accept each other’s styles and everyone tried to change it to their own style. Each of us thought each of our style was the correct one. After experiencing a lifestyle in a team, I realized that everyone’s styles are just different, not wrong. I realised that we all had to acknowledge each other’s style, lifestyle, and just respect each other. Thanks to that, I think we came to live peacefully. If we don’t invade each other’s territory, we’re comfortable, there’s no point in starting a fight.

Q. It seems like you’ve become a peacekeeper (laughs)

Hoon: My life’s motto is “Live happily”. When there are situations that give me stress, I’m the type that forgets that stress by sleeping deeply. My mood also improves after eating delicious foods. I enjoy searching for good food places. There are times when I get healed from my pet dog, Lee Hee. During the winter, when I turn on the heated mat and cuddle with Lee Hee, I sleep well because I’m warm. (laughs)


Source: IZE via vitamino
Translated by: YG_WINNER, timthemine