They reveal themselves without thinking?!
Introduced by themselves

Lee Seunghoon

“He’s not just a good rapper, but he can dance (especially free style) amazingly. I’d already seen him dance even before joining the company, but I got shocked that he still wanted to learn more. And his way of speaking while laughing is outstanding. He can easily got closer to girls and older people, I’m a bit envious. (laughs)” by Song Minho

Song Minho

“Mino is an essential element for WINNER. He always brings energy and positivity around him. He’s so friendly that sometimes you cannot stand him. (laughs) He’s not just cute, but when he’s on stage he manages to bring cool performances with confidence. In my opinion he’s one of the top class rappers in Korea.” by Lee Seunghoon

Nam Taehyun

“In the group I’m the eldest member, but Taehyun looks and act a lot more adult-like than me. Since he has a really solid spirit, he’s a person you can totally trust. The most amazing thing is that he becomes really friendly in front of girls. And he has a sexy side too. Taehyun is the member we need and a lot of girls like. (laughs)” by Kim Jinwoo

Kang Seungyoon

“He’s really smart and can understand a lot of things right away. I envy him because he knows how to make his way in life. (Taehyun then made a ranking about this: Mino, Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Hoon and lastly himself) He’s strong. That’s why he can easily carry girls in his arms who become really happy. (laughs)” by Nam Taehyun

Kim Jinwoo

“Among WINNER’s members he’s the cutest and he’s in charge of the visual. Doesn’t he look like a japanese actor? And he’s the most innocent and kind member. He’s the eldest, but since he feels like a little brother, sometimes I suddenly want to cuddle him. (laughs) And his secret weapon are impersonations. Will you see them at our concerts?!” by Kang Seungyoon


Part 1

Interviewer: You have released your japanese debut album “2014 S/S Japan Collection”, did you have some difficulties or did you realize anything during the recording?

Mino: Pronunciation and accent, of course. Rapping in japanese wasn’t very difficult itself, but I had some worries if I managed to deliver what I wanted to say.

Interviewer: Your rap was perfect, it was really cool!

Mino: Thank you very much! (laughs)

Hoon: It was pronunciation for me as well. In “Just Another Boy”, there’s this 15 seconds-long lyrics that are faster and it becomes more difficult. But, since we recorded the japanese version after we had already recorded the english version, it wasn’t so difficult. Compared to the korean album we finished recording a lot faster.

Jinwoo: To me too, the pronunciation of “chi”, “tsu”, and “zu” was very difficult. You can say I used a low tone (laughing).

Taehyun: To me it was the pronunciation of “to”, in words like “tatoeba” (for example) or “omedeto” (congratulation) I keep saying “tou”.

Seungyoon: Since the lyrics changed, there were several points that became a bit difficult to sing.

Taehyun: In the korean version, the melody and lyrics perfectly matched, but in the japanese version there are some point where it’s a bit different.

Seungyoon: Exactly. Especially in the very low and very high part.

Interviewer: Can you please suggest us a track?

Mino: I suggest “Different”. It’s not a dance track, but the melody is really catchy. Seungyoon and I composed this song together!

Hoon: “Smile Again”, was presented during WIN, but the album version was rearranged by me. I think the image of the song become a bit different. (Admin: To those thinking if this was a typo, no I double-checked the magazine and it states that HOON said this)

Seungyoon: I suggest “But”. The melody is really happy, but actually the lyrics says “I wish you loved me”. This gap is the point of the song, which was composed by Taehyun, by the way.

Jinwoo: The song “Go Up” was composed by all the members for the final of WIN. I still love to hear it.

Seungyoon: And it grows up the tension!

Taehyun: For me it’s “Don’t flirt”. Since it’s a funny song, I’d like to sing it happily with all the members at a karaoke, while eating some delicious food.

Interviewer: You debuted after winning on a reality program, was it hard for you till now?

Taehyun: Actually I’ve been discouraged a lot of times. But thanks to the presence of the members and the support of fans, I managed to go on.

Seungyoon: Before debuting as WINNER, I had experienced a bit of a solo career. But it was just me. When we became a team, I was together with other four people and during the tough and hard periods, we kept going on. Thanks to that pressure, I think we became a lot more like friends.

Hoon: It wasn’t just about winning or losing, but it was our future, so we totally felt a lot of pressure during the reality. But right now we don’t feel as much, right? Maybe it’s just something I can say now (laughing).

Seungyoon: But since we received the first place during music programs, we can totally feel the pressure on our future release (laughing).


Part 2

Interviewer: In your first Japanese tour what do you want to show? (They’re currently on their Japanese tour, from September to October in 5 different cities)

Hoon: I was in charge of choreography, but since the time for preparation was a bit short I have some dissatisfactions. But I surely want to show to our fans a good and funny concert.

Seungyoon: I want to create a show where we can share our feelings with all the fans. We participated as the opening act to BIGBANG’s “BIGBANG Japan Dome Tour 2013-2014” in very big concert halls, but we felt a bit distant from the audience. But this time we are performing at Zepp’s concert halls, so we can feel a lot nearer to the audience.

Interviewer: Did you received some advices from BIGBANG members?

Seungyoon: Deasung told us to become famous quickly.

Mino: He even joked saying that, more than songs, comments in japanese are a lot more important. (laughing)

Hoon: Seungri told us to be confident while doing gags and funny comments.

Interviewer: Did you learn some japanese jokes? (laughs)

Hoon: Lately we didn’t learn anything new, but for example “baigaeshi” (Note: A popular catch-phrase meaning “#-times the payback” from Japanese drama ‘Hanzawa Naoki’ )

Jinwoo: We learned the “omotenashi” joke too! I’ve always seen BIGBANG and 2NE1 performing really funny shows, and I thought it was great, so, while having fun ourselves like our seniors, I wanted to make a show where all our fans can have fun as well.

Taehyun: Once, during the last tour, G-Dragon came out on stage wearing sunglasses, he was really charming. Then, in the middle of a song he coolly took his sunglasses off and all the audience went crazy and start screaming even louder. I thought it was so cool that instead of practice singing, I practice taking my sunglasses off. (laughing)

(All members and staff laughing)

Q. Then, lastly teach us WINNER’s strong points!

Seungyoon: Strong performances and a wide range of musicality. In this album you can find a lot of different genres, from R&B to ballad, to upbeat and powerful songs. From now on we would like to become artists that can move people and can express sensitive and serious topics as well.

Mino: Fans from Japan, I love you! I can’t wait to meet you at our concerts!

Taehyun: Everybody, let’s go to karaoke all together! (laughs)

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Source: 5KI2NE8 (minorly edited by With_WINNER)
Translations by: kalaea