BIGBANG’s brother group, who recently debuted in Korea, WINNER‘s Japanese debut! This week’s first bullet is a fast interview with this 5 people!!


(from the picture) Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo, Kang Seungyoon, Song Minho, Lee Seunghoon

From the same agency of BIGBANG, YG Entertainment, and after a reality show named “WHO IS THE NEXT: WIN”, where 11 members were divided in two groups TEAM Aa and TEAM B, TEAM A became WINNER. Their average age is 20. This is a group where all 5 members can of course sing, rap, dance, but also compose music. They’re currently doing their tour “WINNER First Japan Tour 2014”.

– Our concept is “Our true selves” by Kang Seungyoon

Q. Your debut album is amazing, but if you have to rate it how many points would you give?

Seungyoon, Jinwoo: 100?

Taehyun: I’d give 10 points. This album is just the start and we haven’t shown all our potential yet.

Q. You have an adult image, but what’s the real concept for this album?

Seungyoon: Our concept is “our true selves”. It’s an album we made with our hearts.

Q. Then what was the most difficult part during the creation process?

Mino, Hoon: The process took too much time.

Seungyoon: Since we didn’t have enough time to be confident in the songs we created, it was hard. While they got real  we created a different new song. (Note: I think Seungyoon means that when they finish creating new songs, it becomes a different song to what they initially intended)

Q. How long does it take to create a song?

Mino: For just one song, about 1 or 2 days, maybe?

Seungyoon: If we add the arrangement too, it can take 1 week. In this album “Color Ring” was the song that took the most time to be created.

With choosing “GO UP” as the first song in the album, did you feel the determination to make the beginning as WINNER?

Seungyoon: Exactly. And we already showed this song in Japan, so we thought some people in Japan would already know it. That’s why we decided to use it as a title track.

Q. From when you were TEAM A in WIN, and now that you are WINNER did something change in your feelings?

Seungyoon: Of course, since we became WINNER we felt a lot of pressure for this name, since there are a lot of famous seniors groups in YG. But whatever happened, we became a lot more confident.

Q. Debuting on almost the same period in Korea and Japan as well wasn’t hard for you?

Mino: Since there are Japanese and Korean versions of each songs, we sometimes get confused with the lyrics.

Seungyoon: Actually we couldn’t practice for all the songs in the album yet. Seunghoon created the choreography, but since we didn’t have time and the Zepp’s Tour is approaching close we’re all worrying a bit. When we have time, we can only practice.

Q.  What is a “WINNER thing” in your opinion?

Seungyoon: I think our weapon is that our music is easy to listen to, for everyone. Also, even though WINNER is an idol group, we are confident that we will not fall behind the amazing artists musically. I suppose that is our strength, too.

Mino: I think our merit is that every member’s voice has its own personality, and everyone is different from one another.

Q. You mean you can show more charms by gathering five members who own rich personalities as an individual?

Seungyoon: Just like that!

Hoon: We received the title “the shortest” (*inferring that they spent the shortest time to win number one on music programs) after we debuted. We will consider that as our encouragement to do better in future, and I hope we can fulfill the general public’s expectations.

Taehyun: We can say these things now, all because of our good luck. We consider the chance to meet our members and work under YG as a lucky opportunity. I think it’s more important to have good luck than to live. But the most luckiest part is that all of the members of WINNER are lucky.

Q.  By the way, do you like the fashion senses that girls in Zipper magazine have?

Hoon: They are cute. Girls who have their own unique styles are charming.

Taehyun: But if it’s too strong, there would be distinct division between lovers and haters.

Jinwoo: Models (from Zipper) are very beautiful.

Q.  WINNER is also a group that have a very strong fashion concept. Do you have a particular taste about fashion?

Hoon: Just emphasize one point, and not over-dressing.

Seungyoon: Wear different clothes everyday.

Mino: Make the color unified and use every color to decorate in small places. There are numerous type of styles, but I consider the color matching the most important aspect.

Taehyun: I don’t have a particular taste. I think the most important thing is how well the outfit fits me.

Jinwoo: I think cool things are cool and cute things are cute!

Hoon: You don’t have your own style?

Jinwoo: Indeed (laugh).

Source: 5KI2NE8

Translations by: kalaea, YGWINNER’s Liz & Isabella


Source: 5KI2NE8